How is Klinsman’s Korean language skills? “Minjae, Naples, everything is fine”

Jürgen Klinsmann (59, Germany), the coach of the Korean national soccer team, revealed his Korean skills.

On the 5th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) posted a ‘National Team Inside Cam’ video on its official Instagram account.

In the video, 온라인카지노director Klinsman signed autographs for students at a school and got into a vehicle to move.

Sitting in his seat, he stared at the camera and said in Korean, “Inside cam, Minjae, Napoli, da Nyowa.”

When the photographer does not understand, director Klinsman bursts into laughter.

Fans who watched the video commented, “They are so cute”, “I can feel the benevolent nature of the director”, and “In the meantime, ‘Inside Cam’ and ‘Naples’ are pronounced in English”, and were delighted.

Among the comments, one fan wrote, “I think you learned the word ‘everything is good’ as ‘Da Joa’, but J is pronounced ‘yacht’ in German, so I think you said ‘da nya’.”

On the other hand, KFA posted a congratulatory message with a photo of Kim Min-jae on the day (Korean time) when Napoli, the prestigious Serie A where Kim Min-jae plays, confirmed the league championship.

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