‘How long are you going to watch?’ Bo Bisset, this time it’s a mistake to finish

Shouldn’t we consider changing positions? Bo Bisset (25), who shows the worst shortstop defense in the major leagues, made an error at the end this time.

The Toronto Blue Jays had an away game against the Philadelphia Phillies on the 11th (Korean time) at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

On this day,메이저놀이터 Toronto led 1-0 until the 8th inning, but in the 9th inning JT Realmuto hit a timely hit and tied the score 1-1, so the game eventually went to an overtime game.

Toronto did not score in the 10th offense, and in the following 10th defense, Bisset’s decisive ending error resulted in a 1-2 loss.

Bisset caught the pitcher’s throw when he grounded in front of Bryce Harper’s pitcher in a 1st, 1st and 2nd base situation and caught the runner on 1st base from 2nd base, but the 1st base throw went to the sky.

In the meantime, the runner on second base turned third and stepped on the home run. If Bisset’s throw had been accurate, Harper’s grounder in front of the pitcher would have been a 1-6-3 double kill.

bo biset. Photo = Getty Images Korea

Bisset has made a whopping 61 errors since making his major league debut in 2019. He had 24 and 23 last year and last year, respectively. 4th this season.

He makes a lot of mistakes and his defensive performance is not good. He is also a shortstop who should throw the most, but his throw accuracy to first base is quite poor.

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