Hyeon-man Myeong-man is about to return to Road FC, and In-soo Hwang, who had a war of words?

 As the possibility of a match between ‘Road FC Middleweight Champion’ Hwang In-su (29, FREE) and Myung Hyeon-man (38) was raised, Road FC fans are expecting a big match.

Hwang In-soo and Myung Hyeon-man have been fighting a war of nerves for a long time. When Myeong-hyeon-man plays against Hwang In-soo, he will be on the stage of Road FC for the first time in about six years.

Myung Hyeon-man successfully debuted in ROAD FC by knocking down ‘former UFC fighter’ Dennis Stonich (43) with a punch in 35 seconds of the first round at ROAD FC 026 in 2015.

Even before his Road FC debut, Myung Hyeon-man was a stand-up powerhouse with experience in the stage K-1 of the best standing martial arts players at the time. Even after winning his Road FC debut match, he has shown unrivaled skills with a strong blow.

In the RIZIN FF Japan away match, he mixed fists with Mirko Cro Cop, a ‘global fighting star’, and proved his worth and star quality.

I have the experience of beating Chris Barnett (37), who is currently active on the UFC stage, in ROAD FC 041 in 1 minute and 48 seconds of the second round. Attention is focusing on whether Myeong-hyeon, who has shown excellent skills in Road FC and defeated world-recognized players, will return to the Road FC stage. 스포츠토토

Road FC is coordinating various factors to ensure the match between Hyeon-Man Myung and In-Soo Hwang. In fact, Myung Hyeon-man visited Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong and talked about specific future plans. The game is being promoted, but it has not been officially announced because there are details to be coordinated.

When the match between the two fighters is concluded, it is expected that a match that will remain in the history of Road FC will take place. Myeong Hyeon-man, the ‘strongest standing’, showed strong confidence against ‘Road FC Middleweight Champion’ Hwang In-soo.

“Hwang In-soo is actually not interested. I think I will definitely win against Hwang In-soo,” Myung-hyeon-man showed a strong fighting spirit.

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