“I did it 120%” Yoon Won-sang, the command tower believes in me even if I make mistakes, so ‘storm growth’

Guard Yoon Won-sang (25, Changwon LG), a candidate for KBL’s MIP this season, is truly ‘growing by storm’ with the trust of the commanding tower.

Yoon Won-sang was named in the starting lineup in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball 4th round Anyang KGC home game held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 28th.

Yun Won-sang, who is in his third professional season, has shown growth since Jo Sang-hyeon (47) took over as coach this season. Prior to the match, he recorded 6.8 points, 1.5 rebounds and 1.0 assists for an average of 26 minutes and 17 seconds in 33 games of the season.

Compared to last season, his scoring power increased, and he was fulfilling the command tower’s orders properly. Thanks to this, Yun Won-sang is raising his name as a leading MIP candidate.

Before the game, coach Cho said, “It’s because the defense that follows is good” as to the reason for Yun Won-sang as a starter. He said, “(Yoon Won-sang) will be a match-up with Bae Byeong-jun,” and “(Lee) Kwan-hee’s physical strength arrangements,” he said.

Yun Won-sang opened the door to the game that day. After getting a rebound early in the first quarter, he passed the ball to Lee Jae-do, and he received a pass from Lee Jae-do again and put in an accurate shot from the outside. It was originally rated as 2 points, but after correction it became 3 points.

Yoon Won-sang, who continued to shoot after that, succeeded in another 3-point shot in the second half of the first quarter. After being replaced, he was reintroduced in the second quarter and gave the team the lead by showing bold defense and shooting. 안전놀이터

Of course, there were also poignant moments. In the fourth quarter, with the team taking a close 62-60 lead, Yun Won-sang passed a pass to Asem Marey. However, it was not directed correctly, and opponent Omari Spellman snatched the ball in the middle. Right away, LG took the right to attack again, but he committed a pass miss again. It was fortunate that both situations did not lead to conceding.

Although he made mistakes, Yun Won-sang recorded 11 points and 3 rebounds, including 3 3-pointers, for 35 minutes and 31 seconds that day. The team also won 68-63, catching up with leader KGC by two games.

Director Jo, who sighed, saying, “There were 20 turnovers,” also praised Yoon Won-sang, saying, “I think he did 120%.” He said, “Lee Jae-do was heavy, but he trusted Byun Jun-hyung’s defense, and he had the longest playing time.” He continued, “I hope that he will grow while shooting confidently in clutch situations.”

After the game, Yoon Won-sang said, “It was so hectic. It’s good to win thanks to the hyungs in a game that I almost lost because of me.” He confessed that it was the first time he had committed a turnover in a row, saying, “Actually, (in my head) is white,” and “I tried to forget it, but it doesn’t work.” Even so, he said, “The coach didn’t even change, so I tried to defend, saying, ‘You believe in me’.”

Coach Cho said to Yoon Won-sang, “Even if the first three or four shots are not made, I can believe and wait.” He explained, “I tried to throw it with confidence,” and “the director trusts me and tells me to keep shooting even if it doesn’t go in.” He said, “If I don’t shoot, I don’t say anything about shooting,” he said, “I think I threw the most shots today (for this season).”

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