“I want to leave a name”… Kim Wan-jong dreams

The dream of Kim Wan-jong (24, Woori Card) is growing.

There has been a change in our men’s professional volleyball card. Head coach Shin Young-cheol was confirmed on the 14th, and starting middle blocker Lee Sang-hyun and rookie setter Han Tae-joon were confirmed with a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) on the 13th. Coach Shin Young-cheol’s vacancy was replaced by head coach Kim Jae-heon. An important middle blocker position was taken by Kim Wan-jong. He showed off his honed skills.

Kim Wan-jong said, “I came with the idea of ​​working hard so that (Lee) Sang-hyun’s vacant seat could be my own. In the future, he wants to leave his name in the V-League record as well.”

On the 14th, he was put to the test in a home game against Korean Air, the leader of the men’s division. Kim Wan-jong, who suddenly became the main player, scored 13 points (attack success rate 81.82%), including 2 blocks and 2 serves. After his debut, he set records for the most individual points, attack goals, attack share (9.17%), serve, and blocking in one game. He contributed to the set score 3-2 victory.

Kim Wan-jong, who joined Woori Card in the 4th place in the 3rd round last season, served as a backup. He appeared in 33 games as a one-point server, scoring a total of 6 points. He had 5 serve aces and 1 offensive score. This season, I spent more time in the warm-up zone. He started three games in the second round, but mostly watched from one step back. He left a strong impression by seizing the opportunity he had been waiting for for a long time with the Korean Air Lines. 스포츠토토

Kim Wan-jong said, “It was good to win as soon as I started. It was the first time I had an interview with a distinguished player, so it was strange and awkward.” I think he can give it almost 100 points,” he smiled. He said, “When the setter (Hwang) Seung-bin gave his older brother the ball, I always went further or went shorter. This time he told me to come over to him and he could pounce on his brother so he could do it with confidence.”

Have a goal in mind. Kim Wan-jong said, “I want to put my name on offense, blocking, and serve. I was envious of other seniors. I thought I would like to try it once,” he said. “If you are a player, it is a dream you want to achieve. The attack goal is the most greedy,” he said.

Motivation is also great. As soon as he finished the Korean Air War, his parents called him saying, “I’m proud of you.” Kim Wan-jong said, “I saw the game on TV, and I really liked it. It seems to be filial,” he smiled shyly. He did not forget the support of the fans. He said, “Every time I scored, I was encouraged by cheers. Passion burned,” he said, raising his voice, saying, “If the next game (against Hyundai Capital on the 19th) is given a chance, I will produce good results.”

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