“I was really good at basketball”… The first year of ‘Our Danbi’ ended with a happy ending

thirty two. College graduates are still in their ‘young’ age in Korea, where the age of first employment is in their 30s. But athletes are different. In the professional world, becoming a veteran in your 30s and a legend in your 40s. Woori Bank Kim Dan-bi (33), a women’s professional basketball player, left the familiar nest where she had been involved for 15 years at the same age. He was for a new challenge. The result was the championship and the first regular league MVP award in his life.

Looking back now that the ending is out, 카지노사이트the success Kim Dan-bi achieved this season may seem obvious. He went beyond his former team, Shinhan Bank, to represent Korean women’s basketball. Woori Bank, where he was newly assigned, was led by coach Sang-Woo Lee, who is considered the best manager in the league, and was always a prestigious bank that was considered a ‘winner’. The meeting between the league’s representative teams, coaches, and players now seems like an obvious drama.

But there is no set end in sports. Moreover, high expectations rather burden the parties several times over. Danbi Kim was like that too. “Honestly, it was a lot of pressure,” said Kim Dan-bi after the championship game. “When I came to Woori Bank, people said, ‘He, why did he do that? He said that he was afraid that he would hear “Why?” when he could have remained a franchise star. It was difficult for him to shake off the worry that “maybe it was the wrong choice.” Looking back, he said, “I think I cared a lot about other people’s eyes.” “I have never shed a tear during an interview,” he cried after becoming the champion, shaking off his burden and gratitude.

Transferring was a big decision for him, who hates new things and says, “Even what I eat, I only eat what I used to eat.” why did he make that decision? Danbi Kim said, “I saw myself getting used to being comfortable from a few years ago.” He looked back, saying, “I seemed to be living in the present moment, and I thought it was my last chance to make a change at the point where retirement was near.”

Danbi Kim broke the familiar egg and flew high. He said, “Actually, when I was interviewed, I heard a lot of comments like, ‘I don’t have an MBP. I thought I was really good.” But in fact, there was a longing for the position of the best player in his heart. It was just “pressing it so that it couldn’t come out”. He said, “After receiving this award, I feel like I did a really good job at basketball.”

The first year at a new job that ended with a ‘happy ending’. Will Kim Dan-bi and Woori Bank be able to achieve this kind of success again next season? I don’t know yet. As teams that were considered strong opponents were shaken by variables such as injuries this season, there is a high possibility that the upcoming season will be “the fiercest ever” season, as coach Sung-Woo Lee said. But now Danbi Kim doesn’t worry like before. He has a team and a teammate, and he has the power to rise again anytime.

Danbi Kim also gave support to her friends who might be thinking about life and goals like herself. “This challenge was really difficult for me too. But I think everyone should have a goal. I came to Woori Bank for that goal and achieved it. I think challenges are good.”

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