“If it doesn’t work, let’s do more”… Libero thirsty for victory

The main character of the novel ‘Everyman’ opened a painting class in his later years, and the more hopeless students, the more he found inspiration. By the time he gets tired of that kind of noise, he tells what he remembers from an interview. “Anyone looking for inspiration is an amateur, we just get up and go to work.” When amateurs do nothing to find inspiration, pros do.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s libero Kim Yeon-gyeon (30) in the V-League Women’s Division is a veteran of the 12th professional season. Even if he is not flashy, he remains silent and steadily survives as a pro. On the 9th, Kim Yeon-gyeon, who met at the gym of the Hyundai E&C volleyball team in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, talked about a passage from a book she had recently read.

She said, “I liked the phrase ‘change requires new behavior’. When I couldn’t defend or receive, I had to change my stance or do something, but I didn’t seem to be able to. I’m not stopping in an angry and bad mood, but I’m repeating that phrase and saying, ‘Let’s do more.’” In interviews, he often mentioned words such as action, experience, and responsibility.

As of the 17th, Kim Yeon-gyeon is 1st in Digg (average of 5.929 per set), 10th in receiving efficiency (43.05%), and 3rd in defense (average of 7.788 per set). When the counterattack that started with his ‘Super Dig’ was successful, the commentators praised him as “a goal scored by Kim Yeon-gyeon.” He is also in charge of Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s No. 1 Mercury.

He cited his national team experience as the background to his performance this season. Kim Yeon-gyeon participated in the world championships last year onboard the Cesar. This is the first time he has played as a starting player for an adult national team. When he was first selected for the adult national team in 2017, he was the backup of Kim Hae-ran (Heungkuk Life Insurance), the ‘Queen of Digg’.

“It felt like playing new volleyball in the system with a foreign coach. The coach and coaches analyzed the video until dawn to point out the points, and the trainer always woke up early in the morning to work out and watch our weights. I think I pushed the players even more as I was thorough in self-management. When I did one program, I took a 30-second break and immediately moved on to the next program, and I practiced by running on my feet without a break. It was really hard, but you are responsible for being selected for the national team. I decided, ‘Let’s get something like this’.”

On the day after the game, he immediately requests a video from the strategy analysis team to review the play whenever he has a chance, and sometimes seeks advice from the setter of the same team when the connection between the two is not good. Watching the plays of Kim Hae-ran and Im Myung-ok (Korea Expressway Corporation), I think, “I need to develop more eyes to see like my older sisters.”

For Kim Yeon-gyeon, the libero time is the time to mature. “I don’t think it’s a position I can do well from the start. When I was young, there were many times when things didn’t go well no matter how hard I tried, but I think I can always do it if I keep experiencing it.” 바카라사이트

Family is a strong support group. His parents supported him physically and mentally since he was small and weak from a young age, and in July of last year SSG Landers pitcher Dong-min Seo became a new family member. “I live in a dorm. I’m sorry I’m still a newlywed, but my husband understands me well. When it comes to baseball season, I have to help.”

The goal of the season is to win. Hyundai E&C did not win the championship title twice in the last three seasons as the league was suspended due to Corona 19, even though it ranked first in the regular league twice. “I am grateful to be playing with my teammates now, and we talk about winning together. I hope that what I have accumulated over a long period of time will lead to victory. I can see something, but I think I will see it (laughs).”

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