In response to the notice of termination of the contract, former coach Yoo Do-hoon said, “So as not to be ashamed of my life as a basketball player… ”

Former Korea Gas Corporation manager Yoo Do-hoon of professional basketball announced a statement about the contract termination.

On the 1st, Korea Gas Corporation announced that it had terminated the contracts with general manager Shin Seon-woo, general manager Lee Min-hyeong, coach Yoo Do-hoon, and head coach Kim Seung-hwan.스포츠토토

The club said, “We expect efficient decision-making and rational operation of the professional basketball team through smooth communication with the club by appointing an internal executive as the general manager, as in the organizational system of other clubs.”

Due to the sudden move of Korea Gas Corporation, there was a view inside and outside the basketball world that the conflict between the club and former coach Yoo Do-hoon was in order, and that it was in the order of organizing ‘Gakyeon Basketball’.

Former director Yoo Do-hoon, who still has a contract period with Korea Gas Corporation, revealed his position and plans through his statement on the 4th.

Director Yoo said, “I unilaterally notified the termination of the contract. Not only did it seriously damage my reputation, but it also presented an unacceptable reason for termination.” plan to decide.”

He continued, “I will think carefully about the suspicions and situations raised so far so that I will not be ashamed of the life I have lived as a basketball player for the past 30 years.”

Beginning with the 2009-10 season as acting coach during the 2009-10 season at Incheon Etland, the predecessor of Korea Gas Corporation, coach Yoo, who took the baton, led the team to the playoffs 10 times out of the past 14 seasons. He achieved the achievement of finishing second in the regular league in the 2018-19 season and advancing to the championship match.

KOGAS is planning to appoint coach Kang Hyuk as an acting coach and appoint one additional new coach.

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