“It will remain as a festival held in Yanggu every year.” Yeongchun Yanggu Junior High School 1st Year Football Festival, Successfully Ended

In addition to the game, a scholarship delivery ceremony was held for the underprivileged in Yanggu-gun with the money raised from purchasing prize tickets during the festival through various events such as the Barona Lifting Showdown event and the McCall Heather Challenge. The delivery ceremony was attended by Yanggu County Mayor Seo Heung-won, Yanggu-gun Soccer Association Chairman Lee Joo-hyung, Yanggu-gun Sports Association Chairman Yoon Jong-ho, and Ribbon Corporation Lab CEO Kim Hak-in.토토사이트

As an elite competition approved by the Korea Football Association, it is co-hosted and supervised by the Yanggu-gun Football Association and Ribbon Corporation Lab. Sponsored by Shinsung Delta Tech, Sports Tribe, and Pocheon Ginseng Farming Association.

Lee Joo-hyung, chairman of the Yanggu-gun Football Association, said, “I am very happy that the 2023 Youth Yang-gu Middle School 1st Year Football Festival, which can lay the foundation for the development of youth football in Korea, was successfully completed without any safety accidents in Yanggu-gun. This festival has been of great help in revitalizing sports culture tourism and the local economy beyond soccer. I want to keep it as a festival held in Yanggu every year in the future.”

Photo = Courtesy of Ribbon Corporation Lab
Kim Hak-in, CEO of Ribbon Corporation Lab Co., Ltd., said, “I would like to thank the participating team leaders and parents for helping to make the 2023 Yeongchun Yang-gu Junior High School 1st grade soccer festival a success for four days. We did our best to revitalize the local economy that can coexist beyond sports. Thank you very much for your support from Yanggu-gun and the Yanggu-gun Football Association. I hope that the festival, which has become a venue for everyone to enjoy, will be a good memory for all who participated.”

[2023 Yeongchun Yang-gu Junior High School 1st Year Football Festival 9-man match day 4 match result]

▶ Gyeonggi Anseong United U15 1-2 match Suwon BB Global FC U15

▶ Gyeonggi Dongtan United U15 5-0 match SFC U15

▶ Daejeon KSFC U15 0-1 match TMG FC U15

▶ Gangwon Sokcho Yonsei FC U15 2-2 Gyeongnam Jinju FC U15

▶ Gyeonggi GS Gyeongsu FC U15 1-0 Gyeonggi Blue Dragon United U15

▶ Incheon Yeonsu FC U15 2-4 Chungnam Seosan SFC U15

▶ Seoul Mapo Sports Club U15 2-0 Match SFC U15

[2023 Cheongchun Yang-gu Junior High School 1st Year Football Festival 11-man match day 4 match result]

▶ Seoul Jungdong Middle School 0-2 Chungnam Cheonan Soccer Center U15

▶ Gyeonggi Tongjin FC U15 1-4 Seoul Gusan Middle

▶ Gyeonggi Hwaseong City West U15 3-3 Gyeonggi Ki Gi-hun Junior FC U15

▶ Gyeonggi Joan KJFC U15 3-2 Gyeonggi Icheonjung

▶ Gyeongbuk Ganggu Middle School 4-1 Chungnam Cheonan North Soccer Center E1

▶ Gyeonggi Gyenam Middle School 0-2 Gangwon Hongcheon FC U15

▶ Chungnam Yesan Middle School 3-0 Seoul JP Yonsei FC

▶ Gyeonggi Uiwang FC U15 4-1 Gangwon Sokcho Middle School

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