“It’s not desirable” Park Hang-seo again, criticizing the appointment of a ‘foreign’ technical chairman

“I don’t think it’s very desirable.”

Park Hang-seo (64), former head coach of the Vietnam national soccer team, continued to criticize the Korea Football Association for appointing a foreigner as the head of the national team’s power reinforcement committee. The head of the Power Reinforcement Committee takes the lead in appointing the national team coach to succeed Paulo Bento (54, Portugal), and Michael Müller (58) of German nationality is currently in charge.

Head coach Park Hang-seo, who has been with the Vietnamese national soccer team for 5 years and 4 months, returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport on the 14th and met with reporters, saying, “It is my opinion that a person from the country should serve as the technical chairman (national team’s power reinforcement chairman)메이저놀이터.” I can’t do this and that because I don’t have the right to appoint personnel, but I don’t think it’s very desirable (appointing a foreigner as the chairman).”

Director Park said, “(Last January) I was scolded by my son for saying useless things (laughs). I’m away from Korean football, so I don’t know the atmosphere. I don’t know the situation yet.” He expressed regret at taking on the role of Ganghwa Chairman.

This is not the first time coach Park Hang-seo has criticized the appointment of Mueller by the Korea Football Association.

At a video conference with domestic reporters last month, he said, “I thought about how much the German technology chairman really knows the capabilities of Korean leaders and whether it would be possible to accurately evaluate what data or documents were coming.” Did you make the appointment for the sake of selection?” I wondered.

However, given that coach Park has only led Vietnamese football for over five years, there was controversy over whether it was appropriate to speak out in connection with the appointment of the new head of the Korea Football Association.

In particular, coach Park Hang-seo said at the time, “I hope that domestic coaches will recognize that they have capabilities. I think there are (Korean) leaders who have the qualifications to lead the national team.” Criticism arose as to whether it was actually covering domestic leaders while putting strength into it.

The Korea Football Association appointed Muller as the successor to former chairman Lee Yong-soo (64) in January last year. Müller is the first foreigner to be appointed as the chairman of the power reinforcement committee. After taking office as an instructor for the association’s leadership training in April 2018, Müller served as the chairperson of the Technology Development Committee twice. Before coming to Korea, he worked as a coach for the German Football Association for 10 years, coaching the German U-15 and U-18 national teams, and scouting the German U-21 national team.

At the time, the association said, “Not only has he personally experienced advanced European football, but he has been active in Korea for five years and has a good understanding of the Korean football environment, from youth to professional and national team players.” As he has played a big role in establishing the association’s policy, we expect him to demonstrate his ability brilliantly.”

At the senior press conference, Chairman Muller said, “We will create guidelines on five topics: professionalism, coach’s experience, motivation, teamwork ability, and environmental factors, and select and appoint new coach candidates.” I have to open up and think. Rather than unconditionally ‘quickly’, I have the confidence to be appointed as a manager.”

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