“It’s so damn good”… Captain’s confidence, this year is really different

“We will show you how to win in a way different from the way we used to win.”

The change announced by Lotte Giants “captain” An Chi-hong (33) at the beginning of the season. It’s definitely starting to show.

Lotte, whose fall baseball has been frustrated since 2017, declared a “win-now” this season by recruiting catcher Kang-nam Yoo, infielder Jin-hyuk Noh, and pitcher Hyun-hee Han as free agents.

This season, Lotte has become a sensational team. In 27 matches, they finished second with 17 wins and 10 losses.

It was a pleasant run메이저사이트, but on the other hand, anxiety also bloomed. Last year, Lotte passed April in first place, but it repeatedly fell during the season and eventually failed to advance to fall baseball. Lotte’s spring run was not welcome enough to the extent that the word ‘spring day’ was attached.

‘Claim’ An Chi-hong had a different idea. He was confident of a good pace throughout the season this year.

An Chi-hong said, “The grades are going beyond anything else. Individuals are winning by doing well now, but I have the idea that I have to make a game that can win by doing better in my role.” said.

An Chi-hong continued, “I practiced a lot of the parts that some players play their role. There are still many shortcomings, but I think I can gradually improve as I practice.”

Lotte in April was definitely different from before. The match against Doosan Busan on the 11th was a game that showed the strength of Lotte. The game was tied due to an error in the 8th inning, but the pitchers held out and did not miss the chance that came in the bottom of the 10th inning, and took the victory by ending it.

After 9 wins in a row, 2 losses in a row. They are on a two-game winning streak.

An Chi-hong said, “Since the 7th consecutive win, young players have no experience with winning streaks, so they feel a bit burdened. ‘It’s the beginning of the season, so you don’t have to worry about it. The streak has ended, so let’s do it more casually'” he said. He continued, “They said that they would show a different side of themselves since spring camp. They said that they would show winning in a way different from the way they used to win, but it seems to be getting better and better.”

A lot of training that has been going on since the spring camp also made Lotte in April. An Chi-hong said, “I worked hard enough to feel regretful if I couldn’t go to the game. So, I seem to do my best every time I go. same,” he said.

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