“I’ve been to hell” I let him die, and my arrest soared, my first annual salary of 30 million won

 “It was like hell.”

Lee Woo-chan (30) of LG looked back on his off-season training like this in an interview in August of last year. He said that the secret to his rapid speed jump and survival to the ninth was harsh preparation for the winter of 2021.

Lee Woo-chan recorded an average ERA of 1.81 with 5 wins and 2 holds in 36 games last year. This is a performance that surpasses his performance in 2019, when he won 5 wins as a starter. Until last year, Lee Woo-chan’s career high season was 2019. However, the momentum of the surprise performance as the 5th starter of the ‘victory fairy’ did not last long 스포츠토토.

In 2020, he only started 4 first team games due to back pain. He appeared in 17 games in the Futures League and recorded an earned run average of 2.66, but he could not overcome the control problem when he went up to the first team. He gave up nine 4-balls in 4⅔ innings. Also in 2021, he walked 25 in 34 innings in 15 first-team games.

So he worked hard until he died, and it paid off. Lee Woo-chan’s average fastball speed rose from 141.6 km per hour in 2021 to 145.7 km in 2022.

Lee Woo-chan said this dramatic change in August of last year came from his off-season preparations. He said, “I received the pitching coach’s advice and adjusted the glove position, and as advised by the training part, I worked very hard in the off-season.”

Thanks to this, he reached the ‘billion dollar annual salary’ that he could not take even when he entered the selection competition. His annual salary rose to 120 million won this year. The annual salary in 2022 is 62 million won.

A billion-dollar annual salary will not be the final goal of your career. Above all, it cannot be left shining for another year. After winning 5 wins in 2019, Lee Woo-chan signed an annual salary of 75 million won in 2020. However, he had to be content with 50 million won the next season without avoiding a cut.

Lee Woo-chan also said last summer, “I feel like I’ve improved by doing this, so I have to do more. I feel comfortable when I come out earlier and work harder.” Lee Woo-chan, who came out of the second hell, participated in the LG 1st team spring camp and entered the spring.

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