Joker in 15 minutes → multi-goal in 90 minutes from starter… ’37 years old’ Park Eun-seon’s anti-war drama

 It is a drama about a 37-year-old veteran with a great twist. In Joker, which is expected to last for about 15 minutes, he started as a starter after a year and scored multiple goals. The main character of tears is Park Eun-seon (37, Seoul City Hall), striker of the Korean women’s soccer team.

The women’s national team, led by coach Colin Bell (62), won 5-0 in the second leg of the game against Zambia, the ‘African ambush’ held at Mir Stadium in Yongin on the 11th. Lee Geum-min (29, Brighton), who scored a hat-trick, took the match ball, but the ball from 181cm tall striker Park Eun-sun cannot be left out. She started as a starter and played for over 90 minutes until she was replaced in extra time in the second half, scoring multiple goals and leading the team to victory. In the 34th minute of the first half, with her team leading 1-0, Park Eun-seon scored an additional goal by passing the opposing goalkeeper. In the 43rd minute of the second half, she shook the net with her wonderful header wedge.

Park Eun-sun also scored a goal in the first evaluation match against카지노사이트 Zambia held in Suwon on the 7th. She came on as a substitute in the second half and scored a goal for the national team for the first time in nine years. Not long after she experienced an emotional moment, she scored a multi-goal performance. It was Park Eun-sun who had her best week.

In fact, Park Eun-seon had a distance from the national team even though she was a veteran. The first time Park Eun-sun was called by Bell was last summer. It has been 7 years since she last played at the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada, and she wore the Taegeuk mark. At the time, director Bell expected Park Eun-seon to play a role as ‘Joker’. “She first took Park Eun-sun when she went to Canada last year,” Bell recalled.

However, within a year, Park Eun-seon’s status rose further. He played as a substitute in all seven previous matches, but scored multiple goals as a starter in the match against Zambia the previous day. It is thanks to Park Eun-sun’s steady efforts. He showed that even a 37-year-old veteran can develop. Coach Bell praised Park Eun-sun, saying, “Park Eun-sun showed a strong image by working hard. She did very well in the first match, and her mobility and endurance were good in the second match. I want to cherish her ‘like a flower in a greenhouse’ until the World Cup and then let her go.”

However, Park Eun-sun was humble. Park Eun-seon, who we met after the second game against Zambia, said, “I tried to follow coach Bell’s order. There are many good younger brothers in the national team, so I think I can shine a little more. When I scored a goal, I scored a goal easily because my pass was good.” turned

Park Eun-seon said, “I feel good with multiple goals, but thanks to my younger brothers who ran hard, I was able to easily score a goal.” “Director Bell ordered me to give the ball in the middle and play post, rather than going outside like in the first game. He wanted to get a lot of headers through the game, and he talked about scoring goals with concentration in front of the goal.” He then thanked him, saying, “I am grateful that Director Bell said that he cares about me. It seems that he cares about me.”

He received a passing grade as a starter, but Park Eun-sun just wants to help the team. Park Eun-sun said, “I feel good when I enter the game. But what is more important than the playing time is how I show when I enter the game. I pay more attention to the part,” he explained.

As a veteran, my shoulders are heavy. Park Eun-seon emphasized, “Because I’m a senior, I try to follow my juniors rather than play a role.

Now Park Eun-seon’s attention has moved to the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup to be held in July. Aiming for his third World Cup appearance in his personal career. Park Eun-sun said, ” More than anything else, I have the desire to go to the World Cup and score goals. I will work hard and prepare,” he said.

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