Juventus, ‘deduction of 15 points’ for accounting fraud… 113 billion deficit ‘recorded only half’

Italy’s most prestigious Juventus, which is reeling from the scandal of accounting fraud, received a 15-point reduction in points.

According to major Italian media outlets such as ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, the Italian Football Association reported that Juventus had been punished with a 15-point deduction at the appeal hearing held on the 21st.

Juventus was suspected of manipulating the accounting books in an accounting audit that began in 2021.

They are accused of making huge profits by inflating transfer fees in the process of transferring players.

Torino prosecutors, who conducted the investigation, said Juventus had reduced losses over three seasons, from 2018/19 to 2020/21. According to the prosecution, Juventus recorded only 40 million euros (approximately 53.5 billion won), less than half of the 84.5 million euros (approximately 113 billion won) in losses, on the income statement.

Juventus, who reduced a loss of 236 million euros to 90 million euros in the 2019/20 season, handled a loss of 222 million euros to 209 million euros in the 2020/21 season.

Initially, the disciplinary proposal requested by the prosecution to the Italian Football Association was a 9-point deduction.

Prosecutors also asked the Italian Football Association to suspend football-related activities for 1 year and 4 months for former Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, who recently resigned, 1 year and 8 months for former director Fabio Paratici, and 12 months for all board members. .바카라사이트

However, the Italian Football Association imposed a ‘withdrawal’ on the club that committed accounting fraud by giving a heavier punishment than the prosecutor’s request.

Juventus is currently denying the allegation, but after receiving the documents from the prosecution, the Italian Football Association judged that the evidence was sufficient and imposed a severe punishment. 

Due to this punishment, Juventus’ competition to win Serie A in the 2022/23 season has virtually gone over the water.

Juventus has played 18 matches and has 37 points as Serie A is about to turn, and is in third place, 10 points behind leader Napoli (47 points).

However, once the disciplinary plan is confirmed, it will drop to the 10th to 11th place. Juventus has been eliminated in the last place in the group stage of the European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League as the club is in trouble.

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