KBL-Samsung ‘No Show’ → Lost qualification for two seasons… Baltazar Reveals Position “Samsung, KBL, Apologizes to Filipino Colleagues”

“I apologize to Samsung, KBL and my colleagues in the Philippines.”

Justin Baltazar, who caused a ‘no show’ incident to KBL and Samsung in Seoul, recently revealed his position through the Philippine media스포츠토토.

Baltazar was recruited to Samsung’s Philippine quota, but he did not enter the country until after the player registration deadline. Because of this, KBL held a finance committee and sanctioned disqualification for two seasons.

Baltazar, who has not been clear in the past, said in a recent interview with the Philippine media, “I want to apologize to the Samsung team. I know they are dissatisfied with this. I also apologize to KBL and my Filipino colleagues in Korea.”

Samsung said it confirmed through the embassy that Baltazar had not taken any steps related to issuing a visa. However, Baltazar said, “I did not hear clearly what to do to issue visa-related documents,” and “I did not hear from KBL that the deadline for player registration is the 1st (Korean time).”

He continued, “There was no talk of having to go to Korea until the 1st before he signed a contract with Samsung. I found out after that,” he said. “I have never had a direct conversation with Samsung. The agent sent us a message,” he added.

Meanwhile, Baltazar lost his qualifications to be recruited to the Asian Quarter until the 2024-25 season due to two season disqualification sanctions he received from KBL. It is unclear whether KBL will be able to knock on the door again in the 2025-26 season, when Asian quota qualifications will be restored as trust has been l

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