Korean women’s university team plays better by reducing errors

It was 25-14 errors. The fast break score is 3-19. A better game is possible only when errors are reduced.

The Korean Women’s University Selection lost 57-79 to the Japan Women’s University Selection in the first game of the 46th Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament held at the Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 19th, losing their 12th game in a row as of this tournament.

Korea’s last win was in the first leg in 2008, 82-72. From 2009 to 2016, and from 2020 to 2022, no women’s college games or competitions were held.토토사이트

Despite losing by 22 points, the game was evenly matched from the middle of the 1st quarter to the middle of the 4th quarter. In the meantime, in about 31 minutes, the score was rather 55-50.

However, in the first and last nine minutes of the game, they were absolutely inferior at 2-29. It is necessary to supplement the start and finish of the game.

Mistakes should be reduced here. Korea made 25 mistakes that day. If you add 3 team turnovers, you get 28 mistakes. It was twice as many as Japan’s 14.

Moreover, he gave Japan several chances to make quick attacks by making easy passes in the front line. This is the reason why he was absolutely inferior in scoring with 3-19.

Japan succeeded only 9 times out of 18 quick-attack opportunities. There were frequent mistakes that were not recorded as mistakes, such as missing a no-mark layup.

If Japan had succeeded in only half of the nine failed quick attacks, Korea would have lost by a larger margin. Furthermore, there may not have been a flow itself that gave an advantage in the middle of the game.

The player giving the pass has some complacency in passing the pass, but the player receiving the pass needs to show more movement to receive the pass.

When asked why Korean coach Jang Seon-hyung made many mistakes, he said, “It is because of concentration. As the tension eased in the beginning, my concentration dropped again. I think I made mistakes that I wouldn’t have made because my concentration was poor.”

Korea will have its second match on the 20th at 2pm at the same place.

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