KT Alpha Shopping sponsors a baseball team for disabled and multicultural children

KT Alpha Shopping signed a ‘joint social contribution business agreement’ with kt wiz and announced on the 19th that it would support a youth baseball team where underprivileged children are active.

This year, along with the ‘Best Win Baseball Team’, in which disabled and non-disabled children play together, they decided to sponsor the ‘Salad Ball Baseball Team’, which includes children from multicultural families.안전놀이터

KT Alpha Shopping plans to accumulate donations of 300,000 won per kt wiz pitcher Koh Young-pyo’s multiplier and Kim Jae-yoon’s save and deliver it to the baseball team after the season.

Last year, the company donated a total of 20 million won to Bestwin Baseball Team by raising 500,000 won each time Go Young-pyo and So Hyeong-jun won.

Meanwhile, KT Alpha Shopping, together with kt wiz and the KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation, invited about 80 people, including Bestwin and Salad Ball baseball team players and their families, to KT Wiz Park in Suwon the previous day to watch a professional baseball game.

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