‘Last place’ to say the least…Lion Corps has ‘two’ tasks to rebound

We’ve had a first half that can only be described as disastrous. We can’t afford to be in last place in our inaugural season. Things have to change. The task is clear. The inputs are definitely going in. Outputs must come out. And then there are the injuries.바카라사이트

Samsung played 80 games in the first half, winning 31 and losing 49 for a winning percentage of 0.388. That’s the only triple-digit winning percentage among the 10 teams. Ninth-place Kiwoom has 38 wins, two draws, and 46 losses for a winning percentage of 0.452. They have a five-game winning streak.

The two-hit balance is off, the numbers show. Samsung is 9th with a team batting average of 0.252 and 7th with a team OPS of 0.678. They’re also ninth in runs per game at 4.06.

The team ERA is last at 4.56. The starting rotation is ninth with a 4.32 ERA and the bullpen is ninth with a 4.97 ERA. Anything better from either side of the plate would be a small improvement, but with both sides struggling, there is no answer.

I actually prepared for the season with hope. First of all, the front office planned to develop young players. They didn’t sign free agents Kim Sang-soo and Oh Sun-jin. At the beginning of the season, they sent out Lee Won-seok and brought in pitcher Kim Tae-hoon.

On the field, the team was led by manager Park Jin-man. From last year’s wrap-up camp to this year’s spring training, they trained hard. The players said, “It would be unfair if we didn’t win. We have to do well even if it’s a waste,” they said.

The problem was that it didn’t go as planned. Lee Jae-hyun, Kim Ji-chan, and others have established themselves, but they are still lacking. For any team, it’s good to have a bunch of promising players break out at the same time. It’s not an easy task. It’s a matter of when. For now, no. The reason for the drop in performance.

“I keep telling my players, ‘It’s okay to fail, so be bold,'” Park said. If you look at successful players, they have boldness. They are not afraid of failure. Feeling disappointment creates a competitive spirit, and those players succeed,” he explained.

“I think our players lack that aspect. There is still a fear of failure. I think there’s something to work on,” he continued. It doesn’t change suddenly. We talk about it regularly. They’re young, so I think the coaching staff needs to keep talking to them.”

In terms of the amount of training, they are not behind any other team. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that they train the most. Park Jin-man’s belief is clear. “If you train, you will definitely perform better than what you have. You have to work for it. Even if it’s not this year, even if it’s a few years from now, what you train will come out. It’s a matter of timing,” he emphasized.

It’s best if the results come from the second half of the season, so we can look beyond the bottom of the table. If it doesn’t happen, we can only spend a time of ‘trial and error’.

There’s more. Injuries. The best hitter in the world, the best ace in the world, can’t play if he’s injured. It’s bad for you, it’s bad for the team. This might not be a problem if you have a deep roster, but Samsung does not. “We’ve had too many injuries,” says Park Jin-man. When someone comes back, someone else gets injured,” Park sighs.

Before the season, Kim Jae-sung and Kim Hyun-joon were lost to injury. Even after the start of the season, nine players are still on the injury list. They are Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Dong-yeop, Kim Ji-chan, Kang Kang-ul, Kim Dong-jin, Koo Ja-uk, Won Tae-in, Baek Jung-hyun, and Oh Jae-il. Oh Jae-il and Baek Jung-hyun are still missing.

Coach Park Jin-man said, “If one player goes out, we can fill in to a certain extent, but when two or three go out, it’s not easy to replace them. In terms of experience, we’re still young, so we don’t have enough. We need a strong mindset,” he explained.

It wasn’t just about who was missing. “The biggest thing is that the players who came in after the injuries didn’t play well,” said Park Jin-man. The replacements were supposed to be good, but we didn’t see that,” Park said.

This led to a “quandary”. “If the starters were good, the bullpen was struggling, and if the starters were struggling, the bullpen was struggling. It wasn’t working. We had some injuries, but we weren’t in a good place. We faltered,” he added.

The team has never finished a season in last place since its inception. We’re on the verge of something that hasn’t happened before. The second half has to be different. For that, two things are essential: injury management and the awakening of young players.

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