Last year’s ‘3 wins, 14 losses – ERA 6.20’, this year’s total annual salary of 76 million won Moon Dong-ju – Nam Ji-min, what is the role of one starting pitcher they want

Last year, he pitched in 35 games, recording 3 wins and 14 losses with an ERA of 6.19. He struck out 77 and gave up 59 walks in 117⅔ innings pitched. There are only three games with quality starts (6 or more innings of starts, 3 earned runs or less). If a starting pitcher has performed at that level, he may have a hard time getting a chance to start again. Last season, Choi Won-jun (Doosan Bears), Baek Jeong-hyeon (Samsung Lions), and Lim Ki-young (KIA Tigers) each lost 13 games. All three players with the most losses did not raise their ERA to the 6-point range.

The results listed above are not the results of one particular player. It is the sum of the records of two Hanwha Eagles players, Dong-ju Moon (20) and Ji-min Nam (22). Even if you put weight on the ‘future’ and try to see it positively, the result remains disappointing.

“Super rookie” Dong-ju Moon only played 28⅔ innings due to two injuries. Nam Ji-min, who started with a pitch limit of 100 innings, ended at the level of confirming his potential. The Eagles, whose mound collapsed, had 96 losses (46 wins, 1 draw) and had a winning rate of 302.4. Even in the midst of this, the Hanwha team calmly launched a training program to manage the two.

Moon Dong-ju, a 2nd year pro, and Nam Ji-min, a 2nd year full-time professional. This year, he will start as a starting pitcher. They follow foreign pitchers Felix Pena (33) and Birch Smith (33), and domestic aces Kim Min-woo (28) and Jang Min-jae (33). Jang Min-jae, who started in the bullpen and switched to a starter, won the most wins (7 wins) in the team last year. This year, we will start as a starter and explore the possibilities. 스포츠토토

I mean, that’s how it all started. If everything conceived prior to the opening ceremony is realized, no team will be in last place. This was the case last year when two foreign pitchers were replaced at the beginning of the season, and a potential Rookie of the Year candidate and the fourth hitter were out of power due to injury. Han Seung-hyeok (30), who transferred at the end of last year, is also a starting candidate.

General Manager Son Hyuk, who was in charge of Hanwha’s second leap forward. I look at his case coolly. Considering various variables, he classifies Moon Dong-ju and Nam Ji-min as one starting pitcher, not 5-6 starters. He said that he hoped that he would unite the two and properly play the role of one starting pitcher.

It would be nice if the two players could fly with double digit wins, but there is no answer if the power evaluation flows as a wish. Still, it’s not as good as the two of them last year. Hanwha, which reorganized its team from last fall, is in dire need of a leap forward. The two players, who are the core power of the mound generation change and rebuilding, should be the strength.

Last season, 1 win and 3 losses – average ERA of 5.65, 2 wins and 11 losses – 6.37. This is the result of Moon Dong-ju and Nam Ji-min.

Spring camp begins in February filled with hope, excitement and anticipation. Moon Dong-ju, along with Ahn Woo-jin (24, Heroes), is evaluated as throwing the most powerful ball in the KBO League. Chae Eun-seong (33), who played against Nam Ji-min for the LG Twins last year, gave a thumbs up, saying, “If it’s such a huge ball, you can throw it with more confidence.” A veteran pitcher said, “I think only Nam Ji-min doesn’t know that the ball is good.”

If the two of them win more than 10 games together while digesting the season without major injuries, Hanwha will finish the season in a different place than this year.

Moon Dong-joo renewed the contract for 33 million won and Nam Ji-min for 43 million won.

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