Lee Chung-yong’s encouragement “Son Heung-min is a good player! I’m not worried!”

Lee Chung-yong (Ulsan)토토사이트 spared no encouragement and advice for Son Heung-min (Tottenham).

Lee Chung-yong entered the English stage in the summer of 2009. He was a sensation at Bolton. He established himself as Bolton’s main striker. He spent five and a half seasons at Bolton. He moved to Crystal Palace in the winter of 2014. He played three and a half seasons. He scored 22 goals in 245 appearances for England.

Moving to Germany, he played two seasons in Bochum before moving to K-League Ulsan Hyundai. He led Ulsan to the league championship last season. When he was on the English stage, he was a grateful senior and older brother who encouraged and took care of Son Heung-min, who came to London.

Lee Cheong-yong said, “Maybe (Son) Heung-min also expected the media’s attack when he was sluggish. He didn’t worry too much, saying, “I think Heung-min is that kind of player. Whenever people say, ‘He’s sluggish’ or ‘Isn’t he as good as before?’

He said, “If many people tell me that I need to play more, I am looking forward to making Korean fans happy with news of many goals soon because I am a player who takes responsibility for it.”

Lee Chung-yong gave strength to his junior, saying, “(Son) Heung-min is a mature player in every way, so he must know what to do.”

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