Lee Jeong-hyo “I want to recruit Kim Yeong-kwon and Lee Cheong-yong”-Hong Myung-bo’s reaction “If you take me, what will I give you?”

Head coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who creates a sensation by leading the ‘promoted team’ Gwangju FC, has been without a win in the last two games (1 draw and 1 loss). What annoys him more than a draw is a scoreless goal. Gwangju has scored 12 goals in 7 matches so far. He showed off the attack-oriented color that coach Lee is pursuing in his own way.

Coach Lee shouted 스포츠토토“more confidently and courageously” when asked about restarting the scorer ahead of the away game against Ulsan Hyundai in the 10th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” kick-off at 7:00 pm on the 30th at Ulsan Munsu Stadium. It’s like a unique and challenging character. “I told the players, ‘We just didn’t score. “Be bold with things that didn’t come out compared to your efforts,” he said. “I deal with the best manager and team in the K-League. I thought about what to do, but in the end, we have to do better what we do well.”

He also laughed, saying, “I scolded a lot of players, and I have to be scolded too,” and “I think Assani will be my favorite.” On the 16th, he replaced foreign striker Asani in the Daegu FC expedition (4-3 win) and called him back to the bench. He tweaked his game attitude. I put Asani on the waiting list that day, but I said it as a joke, recalling an anecdote at the time. Coach Lee said, “Asani has changed a lot since the Daegu match. His training attitude has changed. The second half of the day is the key, so I put him on the bench first,” he said, showing his intention to use it as a joker.

When coach Lee mentioned the opponent’s slow-footed defense team, he remained vigilant, saying, “They have slow feet, but aren’t they quick-witted?” In particular, he praised Ulsan veteran center back Kim Young-kwon and midfielder Lee Chung-yong for their coordination and praise as “a player I want to bring to our team.” Coach Lee said, “Especially Lee Chung-yong is a player who will be of great help to young players when he comes to our team. Because of him, the Ulsan players take care of themselves and run toward a unified goal,” he said.

Ulsan head coach Hong Myung-bo acknowledged that he proved his color in the first year of promotion, saying, “Coach Lee Jeong-hyo seems to be going well as a good leader.” Regarding the mention of Kim Young-kwon and Lee Chung-yong, coach Lee said, “The players I want to bring,” he joked, “I will give you something if you say I’ll bring you.” You have to be an example to your team. You have to be respected as well as have a presence (on and off the pitch) and be able to guide (younger players). Our team’s veteran players are good at that role,” he admitted.

Coach Hong placed Joo Min-kyu in the starting lineup and placed Rubikson, Kang Yoon-goo (U-22), and Eom Won-sang at the top. In the central midfield, Kyu-Sung Lee and Boyanich. Against this, coach Lee placed Lee Hee-gyun and Heo Yul in the front, followed by Um Ji-seong, Lee Sun-min, Jeong Ho-yeon and Shin Chang-moo in the second line. Regarding the confrontation between Ji-sung Um and Won-sang Um, coach Lee said, “I was thinking of using Ji-sung Um as a substitute in the second half, but I was also curious about what interesting things would happen when the two matched. So I put it in,” he said.

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