Lee Joo-hyung and Song Hyung-cheol HL Anyang “It’s nice to meet fans at the All-Star Game”

 As a professional player, participating in the All-Star Game is a joy and honor that can be compared to a team winning the championship with an outstanding personal record. Maybe that’s why the faces of the players who participated in the All-Star Game, regardless of the sport, have clowns ascending to heaven.

Lee Joo-hyeong and Song Hyeong-cheol of HL Anyang, who participated in the All-Star Game for the first time, did the same. On the 14th, the Ice Hockey All-Star Game ‘Ice Hockey Heroes 2’ was held at Daido Higashi Fushimi Daido Link Ice Arena in Tokyo.

Forward Lee Joo-hyung received the most votes along with goalie Matt Dalton and defense Lee Dong-gu in an online fan vote at the end of last year. It is more valuable in that it is a feat achieved in the HL with many national team forwards. In fact, it is also a name often heard in the stands during the 2022-2023 Asia League ice hockey games. 바카라사이트

Lee Joo-hyung laughed, saying, “I am very grateful to the fans who voted for me.”

He expressed his aspirations, saying, “This league is my first season, and I really want to win the championship in order to repay the love.”

Defense Song Hyeong-cheol has Lee Dong-gu, who is in the same position as the “four-dimensional wall that cannot be crossed,” but his presence in the team is also reassuring this season. Although he is defensive, he not only earns points with assists, but also often shows cool long-range shots. Wearing the A (Vice Captain) mark on the chest is also a proof of trust and competence.

Song Hyeong-cheol said, “The All-Star Game has a special meaning to the players, and it is an honor to be able to come here.”

The event continues on the next day, the 15th. From 1:00 PM, programs such as the △Skill Contest Final △Special Discussion △Black and White Team All-Star Game △Ice Exchange Event will be presented.

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