Lee Jung-hoo, along with MLB Trout and Betts, selected as WBC’s best outfielder

MLB.com “Most Interesting Player”

Lee Jung-hoo (25), captain of Kiwoom, who is aiming to advance to the MLB after the 2023 season, aims to enter the MLB after this season . He was selected as one of the outfielders.

On the 12th, MLB.com, the official MLB homepage, announced the best players by position among the players participating in the WBC.

Lee Jung-hoo was named in the outfield category along with MLB superstars Mike Trout (LA Angels) and Mookie Betts (Above USA, LA Dodgers). Trout and Betts are major MLB stars who have won the American League MVP (Most Valuable Player) 스포츠토토3 times and 1 time, respectively.Among the representative players for each position selected that day, Lee Jung-hoo was the only player who did not play in the MLB. MLB.com said, “Lee Jung-hoo may not be the best outfielder in the WBC this year, but he is one of the most interesting players.” He was chosen as the MVP of the league.” “Kiwoom has already allowed Lee Jung-hoo to advance to overseas stages after this season. This competition will be an opportunity for Lee Jung-hoo to show off his skills on the international stage.” In fact, Lee Jung-hoo signed a contract with ‘big agent’ Scott Boras last month and started preparing to enter the MLB.

The media then selected 2020 National League MVP Freddie Freeman (Canada, Los Angeles Dodgers) as the best first baseman, second baseman 2017 American League MVP Jose Altuve (Venezuela, Houston Astros), third baseman Manny Machado (Dominican Republic), and shortstop I picked Zander Bogaerts (Netherlands, above San Diego Padres).

Sandy Alcantara (Dominican Republic, Miami Marlins), winner of the 2022 National League Cy Young Award for right-handed selection, was honored. Left-hander Julio Urias (Mexico, Los Angeles Dodgers), reliever Edwin Dias (Puerto Rico, New York Mets), and catcher JT Realmuto (Philadelphia Phillies, USA) were also on the list.

The designated hitter was Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Dominican Republic, Toronto Blue Jays) and two-time pitcher Shohei Otani (Japan, LA Angels) were selected.

Meanwhile, Korea (director Lee Kang-chul), who is in Group B of the first round of the WBC finals, will face off against Australia (March 9), Japan (10), Czech Republic (12) and China (13) at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. The top 2 out of 5 teams advance to the quarterfinals.

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