Lee Jung-hoo standing and being beaten… 2 strikeouts in 2 consecutive games since debut

 Lee Jung-hoo (24), the best alternating hitter in professional baseball, was ‘the best hitter who does not strike out’ until last season.

He struck out only메이저놀이터 32 times in 627 at-bats in the regular season last year. Strikeouts per at-bat was 0.051, which was first overall.

He also set a record by striking out in 52 at-bats in the postseason last year.

Even if he had to step back with a big hit, he rarely swung or passed a ball that came into the strike zone.

It was this ability that MLB.com emphasized when introducing Lee Jung-hoo in December of last year.

At the time, MLB.com praised Lee Jung-hoo for his pioneering vision and ability to make contact.

However, Lee Jung-hoo has been particularly sluggish this season.

He is 11-for-55 with a batting average of just 0.200 in 14 games this season.

His strikeout rate in particular stands out.

He struck out seven times in 66 at-bats this season, so his strikeout rate per at-bat skyrocketed to 0.106. It is the highest since 2019, and more than doubled compared to last season.

Recently, he recorded more than two strikeouts in two consecutive games for the first time since his professional debut.

In the match against the Samsung Lions held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 19th, he was silent with no hits and 2 strikeouts in 6 at-bats, and on the 20th he stood and suffered twice in the match with Samsung.

After striking out looking at starting David Buchanan in the bottom of the first inning, he was out with a striking out looking at Buchanan in the 7th inning.

This is the first time Lee Jung-hoo, who joined in 2017, recorded two or more strikeouts in two consecutive games.

Lee Jung-hoo’s poor performance is due to a combination of psychological factors and physical condition problems.

He urgently improved his condition ahead of the start of this season and participated in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), and suffered from back pain right after the season began, and his condition worsened.

The psychological pressure to achieve good results this season is also bothering Lee.

After this season, he can qualify for the posting system and advance to the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB).

Lee Jung-hoo, who declared a challenge on the American stage early, made changes such as correcting his batting posture ahead of the start of this season.

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