Lee Ki-hyung’s heartfelt “Son, become a filthy lout”

The phrase “no parent beats a child” was certainly true at Tancheon Sports Complex in Seongnam on Nov. 24.

Seongnam FC, led by coach Lee Ki-hyung (49), who was nicknamed “Cannon Shooter” during his playing days, lost 0-3 to the Pohang Steelers in the round of 16 of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup, thanks to two goals from Lee Ho-jae (23).메이저사이트

“Second-generation soccer players should play with the intention of beating their father, just like (my son) Lee Ho-jae,” Lee told reporters.

In fact, following in his father’s footsteps is not an easy task. From the time you start playing soccer until you make your debut, the eyes of the world are on you. A case in point is Cha Doo-ri, whose father, former national team coach Cha Bum-geun, became known as “Cha Doo-ri’s dad” the day he hung up his jersey in 2015. Looking at other sports, it’s not much different, with both sons of basketball emperor Michael Jordan quitting the sport in college, let alone the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Coincidentally, there were few players in the game who heeded Lee’s advice. Kim Ki-dong’s son, Kim Jun-ho (21, Pohang), and Shin Jae-won (25, Sungnam), the son of Indonesia national soccer team coach Shin Tae-yong, started side by side.

“I actually talk to him a lot,” said Kim Ki-dong, “but I didn’t want my son to play soccer. If the three who played today do well in the future, it will give hope to other (soccer) children.”

Lee’s final words of advice to fathers, including Kim, were to “be strong”. While he and his son are still on the same team, there’s no telling when they’ll meet again as enemies.

Nevertheless, Lee expressed his desire to see his son again. If Seongnam, which is still in the K League 2 (2nd Division) this year, realizes its dream of promotion, father-son confrontations will be a regular occurrence in the K League 1 (1st Division) from next year. It’s a picture of father and son smiling together.

“My son will continue to grow, but my father, who is the leader, will not stop as he is,” Lee said. “If we play again, I think the day will come when my son will lose.”

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