Lee Seung-woo talks about ‘re-entering Europe, being selected for the national team, Yoon Bit-garam’

Suwon FC striker Lee Seung-woo revealed his thoughts on the transfer to Europe, the national team, and captain Yoon Bit-garam.

On the 7th, the Suwon FC press conference for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ was held at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju. Suwon FC, which started preparing for the next season in Jeju at the end of last year, went through field training in Chiang Mai, Thailand in January, and returned to Jeju for winter training.

Lee Seung-woo, who had been playing only on the European stage, debuted on the K-League 1 stage last season with great interest. His performance was splendid. Starting with his first goal against Daegu FC in the 6th round, Suwon FC established itself as a new weapon in attack football and ranked 4th in scoring. He recorded 14 goals and 3 assists in 35 games.

As Lee Seung-woo proves his skills again, the possibility of re-entering Europe and being selected for the national team is attracting great attention. Lee Seung-woo, who attended his media camp press conference, shared his thoughts on this. In addition, he also revealed his anticipation for ‘chemistry’ with Yoon Bit-garam, who will work as the captain and main striker for the next season. Below is the full text of Lee Seung-woo’s press conference . We are preparing well for the

new season .

I want to do better than last year. Personally and as a team, I have been training for a long time going back and forth between Jeju and Thailand to go higher. From the beginning of the season, I will try to show you a good image.

Captain Yun Bit-garam and vice-captain Jung Jae-yong were included in the captain’s team.

Along with Jaeyong hyung and (Park) Juho hyung, I feel comfortable with Garam supporting hyung. Garam hyung was new to the team and immediately became the captain. He has a lot of trust from the director. Garam, who was a ‘soccer genius’, has a sense of responsibility, so I’m already looking forward to how well he will do.

I am

surprised by Garam’s passing and kicking power during training and practice games. More than expected. He feels good that a player who can improve the quality of the team has come to Suwon FC. Suwon FC’s offensive football is expected more this season.

You will receive a pass from Garam Yoon, but I

read a recent article about how many assists he expects, and Garam said that if Garam adds two assists, it will be 50-50 (currently 57 goals and 48 assists). He wants at least 2 help. I think Garam hyung will help 10 times this season.

He came to the K-League 1 last season and performed well. Looking back

, it’s a fun memory. He scored a lot of goals and the team’s performance was good. He didn’t enjoy it enough during the season because he had to think about the next game every week, but it was good when he looked back at the season. I will try to have more fun and more fun this year.

The dance ceremony drew a lot of attention. I try to think about whether there is a ceremony being prepared for this season as well, a

day or two before the first game. If I think about it already, the wait will be long. Right now, I will focus on improving my condition as much as possible, and I will think about the ceremony before the game.

After the season, there were rumors of a European transfer. Previously, coach Kim Do-gyun said that it would be better to supplement his weaknesses and advance, but

as the coach said, supplementing his weaknesses will reduce the probability of failure. Of course I’m not afraid of failure. So I could have come to the K-League. However, you can go out again only if you show a good appearance here. While playing in the K-League, I want to learn more and grow into a better player.

The decision to postpone re-entering Europe must not have been easy, but when I

first decided to come to Suwon FC, I talked a lot with Park Joo-ho as well as the general manager and coach. With the persuasion of Park Joo-ho, I came to the K-League and spent a year there. This year, there is Yun Bitgaram. It gave me confidence when I was contemplating whether to go back to Europe or stay in Korea. I have a great desire to do it together. I have a deep thought that I should be a little more careful because I have a failed experience in Belgium스포츠토토. I chose carefully in this transfer market. This year, I want to work with Yoon Bitgaram.

What is the team’s goal?

In order for suwon fc to become a little more solid team, the new mayor (owner), the leader should give steady attention and love. Only then can the team survive in the K-League 1 and achieve its goals. Coach, there is a limit to the thoughts and will of only the players. It seems that interest and investment should continue.

Last season, he competed for the top scorer by scoring 14 goals. How many goals have you scored this season?

To be honest, I didn’t expect to score so many goals last year. He even surprised himself. I want to score more goals this year than last year. But I am not a striker. He is a player who plays one space below the winger or striker. Our team has strikers like Lars and Kim Hyeon who have decisive power. Strikers will score a lot of goals. I also want to score a lot of goals, but shouldn’t the strikers compete for the top scorer?

Last season, Park Joo-ho recorded one assist, and the main character of the goal at the time was Lee Seung-woo. Player Park Joo-ho said

he wanted to do a ‘dance ceremony’ with him this year too, but it’s okay for him to join in the ceremony with Ju-ho hyung. Whoever puts it in, I want to dance with it. Zuho hyung said he had never scored a goal in the K-League. Whether it’s a field goal or a PK goal, I hope Zuho hyung scores and we can dance together.

I went to the World Cup in Qatar as a commentator. Maybe because I went

as a commentator, not as a player, I watched it comfortably. In the last World Cup, I participated as a player and felt a lot of pressure and pressure, so I don’t remember much. This time, I watched a lot of other team matches besides Korea. It was fun.

There must be a desire to re-enter the national team ahead of the appointment of a new coach, but I

always want to go to the national team. Football is always greedy. You can go only if your team does well. Breathing with the national team coach should also work well. I will prepare to get the opportunity.

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