LG Kelly, first appearance at Plutco. 5 hits to LA Dodgers, 1-6 loss

 Maybe it’s because he hasn’t gotten used to the fast ball yet.

The LG Twins lost 1-6 with only 5 hits in a practice game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On the 2nd (Korean time), in a practice game against the Dodgers held at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona, LG scored a first run in the first inning, but failed to score afterwards, and the pitchers gave up 6 runs and lost.

The match was supposed to be held at 1:00 pm local time, but due to rain forecast in the afternoon, the game was moved to 11:00 am카지노. It was said that it was carried out in cold weather with strong winds blowing.

It lasted until the beginning of the 10th inning, and to protect the pitcher, the two teams played the game under an agreement with only about 20 pitches per inning per pitcher.

At the beginning of the first inning, LG went to second base with an infield hit by No. 1 Seo Geon-chang, and then went to second base with a wild throw, and immediately scored a first run with a heavy hit by Hong Chang-ki in No. 2. After that, LG had opportunities such as 1 out 2 base in the 3rd inning, 1 out 2 base in the 6th inning, and 1 base safely in the 8th inning, but failed to score.

For LG, starter Casey Kelly allowed 2 runs on 3 hits in 2 innings, and Adam Plutko allowed 1 run on 1 hit in 2 innings (home run). Afterwards, Lee Min-ho (3 hits, 1 run), Kang Hyo-jong (3 hits, 2 runs), Park Myeong-geun (no hits, no runs), Cho Won-tae (1 hits, no runs), Lee Woo-chan (no hits, no runs) took on one inning each.

Manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop of LG said, “Even though the pitchers were on the first pitch, the overall velocity was good. The hitters had never seen a ball over 155 km, but the timing seemed to be working well.” It was good to finish it.”

He continued, “Lee Woo-chan joins Jung Woo-young, Lee Jeong-yong, and Ko Woo-seok’s victory group, and in the first game, the speed was good and the clean finish was good.”

LG prepared three practice matches against the Dutch national team, the Korean national team, and the Dodgers in this spring camp, but played only two games against the Netherlands and the Dodgers. After arriving in Korea on the 6th, LG prepares for an exhibition game.

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