Lopez, who chose baseball instead of medical school, 97 billion won in 4 years ‘Jackpot’

The average annual salary of an American doctor varies somewhat by state, but it is around 200,000 dollars (about 260 million won).

Even if you work as a doctor for 40 years, you will receive 8 million dollars (approximately 10.5 billion won) (there are some differences).

By the way, 메이저놀이터 there is a Venezuelan pitcher who gave up such a high salary as a doctor and chose baseball. And his choice became a ‘God’s move’.

Minnesota Twins pitcher Pablo Lopez (27) is the main character.

Lopez signed a four-year, $73.5 million contract with Minnesota last month.

He makes about nine times as much money in just four years as he would have earned as a doctor for the rest of his life.

If he does well, he might get a mega-ton contract after four years.

According to MLB.com, Lopez struggled in 2012 between becoming a doctor and continuing his career as a baseball player.

He was accepted into the medical school his parents attended at the time. Both his parents were doctors.

“It was a tough decision to make as a 16-year-old,” he said. He works the night shift at the hospital with his father, hoping to one day do the same and help people who are sick or injured.

By the time he entered his teens, he had a physique worthy of a power pitcher. He has been transformed into a tall and slim physique.

he isHe sought advice from his mentor, his father. My father said, “If you play baseball and it doesn’t work out, you can go back to medical school. But if you go to medical school and don’t like it, I think it can be a little harder to get a chance to play baseball.” That was it.

Lopez followed his father’s advice and chose baseball.

All season in his career, Lopez made seven starts, posted a 3.77 ERA, an 11.3 K/9, and a 116 ERA+.

Lopez plans to return to his school when his baseball career is over. He’s not in medical school, but he could be studying health, MLB.com predicted.

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