‘Lucky End Victory’… LG 4-game winning streak.

In professional baseball, LG won a lucky ‘end-of-win’ against Samsung and won four consecutive victories.

LG faced Samsung with a tight score메이저놀이터 of 2 to 2 until the 9th episode.

The 10th overtime luck turned to LG.

Samsung first baseman Oh Jae-il dived and snatched Moon Bo-kyung’s hit ball from two-out 1st and 2nd base, but stumbled while withdrawing the ball.

At this time, second base runner Seong-Joo Moon dug into the home and scored the finishing goal.

LG, who won the victory two days in a row, ran for four consecutive wins.

Lotte defeated KT 5-3 and escaped from a 3-game losing streak.

Starter Na Gyun-an led the team to escape from a losing streak with 4 hits and 8 strikeouts in 7 innings, the most since debut.

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