Memphis Ace’ Morant confirmed today (20th) to miss the Lakers Game 2

Ja Morant (23) of the Memphis Grizzlies (hereafter referred to as Memphis) is taking a break for one game.

According to the information announced by the메이저사이트 Memphis club on the morning of the 20th (Korean time), Morant will miss the second leg of the first round of the playoffs against the LA Lakers (hereinafter referred to as the Lakers).

In Game 1, Morant fell and landed on a right hand as he collided with Anthony Davis during the fourth quarter. Fortunately, Morant, who was not seriously injured, was immediately classified as GTD (match day decision) and chose to miss the game to fully recover from the injury.

Memphis, which will face the Lakers without Morant, have already lost starting center Stephen Adams, backup center Brandon Clark, and backup wing Jake Larabia. Thus, the burden of Jaren Jackson Jr., who had to fill their void, became even heavier.

Meanwhile, the Lakers will play against Memphis without the absence of any key rotation members.

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