Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, KOVO Official Document Received… It is likely to take action on the recommendation regarding the trade of Oh Ji-young.

It is known that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) will make a recommendation to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) on February 1 regarding the trade between GS Caltex and Pepper Savings Bank, a professional volleyball women’s division.

An official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said in a phone call on the 31st, “KOVO has requested an authoritative interpretation of the ‘prohibition clause against former teams’ inserted in the trade contract between the two teams through an official letter today, whether there is a possibility of violating the standard contract.” After recognizing, we reviewed the contents, and we plan to deliver an answer to KOVO on the 1st of next month.”

It is known that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will judge that the prohibition clause is problematic in terms of infringement of players’ rights and fairness, and will recommend action to KOVO.

On the 16th of last month, after losing 16 consecutive losses after the opening, Pepper Savings Bank recruited Oh Ji-young (35), a former national libero who played for GS Caltex, in return for handing over the nomination right for the first round of the 2024-2025 season. Accepted the insertion of the clause prohibiting participation in the GS Caltex game.

The detailed trade agreement, which was not initially disclosed, was announced on the 23rd of last month, when the two teams faced each other, and Oh Ji-young did not play in the game at the time.

The provision of ‘prohibition against former team’ is Article 4 (obligation of the club) and Article 19 (trade ) may have violated paragraph 1.

In the clause, ‘the club shall not engage in discriminatory behavior such as excluding players from games and training for reasons such as race, nationality, region of origin, school of origin, appearance, etc., other than ability as a professional sports player’, ‘clubs shall not engage in discriminatory behavior, such as excluding players from competitions and training sessions’ If there is no agreement, the trade contract shall not be concluded under conditions less favorable to the player than this contract.’

Although the clause only lists general examples of discrimination, such as racial issues, it can also be interpreted as discriminatory behavior to deprive 먹튀검증 players of the opportunity to play for the benefit of the club.

In addition, it can be judged that Oh Ji-young was traded under unfavorable conditions, violating her basic rights as a player, such as acquiring free agent qualifications and competing for personal record titles.

On the 26th, KOVO said, “We will request a clear authoritative interpretation through inquiries from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,” and “Based on the results, we will discuss the direction of development with the clubs, such as quickly enacting and revising regulations.”

Whether or not Oh Ji-young will participate in the GS Caltex match for the remainder of the season is expected to be decided based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and KOVO and consultations between the two clubs.

Pepper Savings Bank and GS Caltex will face off on the 5th of next month at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul.

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