Miracle DRX, following the last T1 match, KT also lost, lost, won, and won

On the 3rd, in the 3rd round of the 2023 LCK CL Spring Split PO, DRX defeated kt Rolster 3:2. Following the previous confrontation with T1, it was DRX that won again with a thrilling score of losing, losing, winning, winning.

In the 1st set, kt Rolster’s Viego of ‘Hambak’ aimed for 메이저놀이터the midfield and sacrificed Syndra of ‘Setap’ for the first kill. However, Syndra of DRX ‘Setap’ was leading the laning battle despite the 1 death, and Jayce of ‘Clear’ put strong pressure on Gragas of ‘Castle’ at the top. KT Rolster used their mid-jungle strength to catch Syndra again and build a good dragon stack.

Afterwards, kt Rolster, which showed a hot appearance in each battle, started rolling the snowball quickly, and as of 25 minutes, the global gold increased to more than 7,000, taking advantage of its advantage to the end and winning an easy victory.

The second set also started with a good start for kt Rolster. This time, kt Rolster started off by catching Jerry of the opponent’s one-hander, ‘Fleta’, in the bot battle. Still, DRX achieved good results, such as mid-1:1 exchanges, and ‘Sponge”s Goku caught ‘Viego’ in front of the dragon.

However, after that, kt Rolster was more advanced in management, and similar exchanges continued in engagements, but kt Rolster unilaterally accumulated up to 3 dragon stacks. In front of the most important Baron, kt Rolster caught Wukong and took Baron, and then won the fight completely, bringing the victory to 2:0.

The third set, which could be the last, started off badly for DRX. However, in the dragon battle, Kennen of ‘Clear’ teleported appropriately and used a good ultimate skill to push the opponent away and take a big advantage. DRX, who had strengths in teamfights, won the teamfights in a row without any change and recorded their first victory. In DRX, who started riding the atmosphere, Gwen of ‘Clear’ clearly overpowered Xante of ‘Castle’ in the upper body of the 4th set, and kt Rolster was not able to use much force, leading to a 2:2 tie and the match to the last set.

In the 5th set, DRX won the first dragon battle, and ‘Setap’ Yasuo worked well from the beginning. In addition, Jaya of ‘Fleta’ took up to 2 kills, and there was a difference in one-handle strength. In addition, DRX, which overpowered the opponent even in consecutive battles, took the dragon soul as of 25 minutes and increased the global gold to more than 9,000, and has already started to solidify its victory and won in 27 minutes. achieved

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