Mistake party + sluggish batting line + mound staggering… Doosan couldn’t win

 I just couldn’t win.

 Professional baseball Doosan lost 2-5 in an away game against KT in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 4th. lost 2 in a row.먹튀검증

 The process was more disappointing than the outcome. First of all, mistakes by veteran fielders followed. Shortstop Kim Jae-ho committed two offenses, and first baseman Yang Seok-hwan committed one offense.

 With no runners in the second inning, KT Lee Ho-yeon hit a hit that exceeded the height of the third baseman. Jaeho Kim ran quickly to cover. But he couldn’t pick up the ball right away. It was a catch mistake. In the meantime, Lee Ho-yeon settled into second base. Afterwards, Kim Sang-soo’s double hit Lee Ho-yeon home.

 With no runners out in the third inning, Yang Seok-hwan fumbled the ball. He was unable to catch Hwang Jae-gyun’s ground ball at once. He also gave up first base due to a catch error. With 1 out and 2nd base in the 5th inning, Kim Jae-ho again allowed Moon Sang-cheol to go to first base due to a catch error.

 I couldn’t even stand the mound. Starting pitcher Choi Seung-yong stepped down with 3 runs in 3 innings, 3 hits, 4 walks, 4 strikeouts, and 71 pitches. He showed off an uneasy start by throwing a ball that hit Kim Min-hyeok, who was the first batter in the game. The ball headed toward his head, but it was a breaking ball, not a fastball, so he escaped the ejection. However, he was unable to take responsibility for the long innings as he collapsed in the second inning.

 In the salvation team, Kim Myung-shin allowed 1 run in 1⅓ innings and Lee Young-ha allowed 1 run in 1⅓ innings. Prior to this day, Doosan’s team ERA was 8th (4.23), and the bullpen was 10th (5.10).

 KT, too, substitute starter Lee Seon-woo came down the mound early with 3 hits (1 home run) in 2 innings, no walks, 2 strikeouts, 2 runs, and 44 pitches. Afterwards, Ju Kwon, Son Dong-Hyun, and Park Young-Hyun each cleanly blocked 2 innings. Episode 9 was finished by Kim Jae-yoon. KT did not even record an error.

 The concentration of the batting line was also different. Doosan sporadically hit 6 hits and only walked 1, scoring just 2 runs. From batter 1 Jeong Su-bin (no hit in 4 at-bats) to No. 2 Jae-seok Ahn (no hit in 4 at-bats), No. 3 Eui-ji Yang (no hit in 3 at-bats), and No. 4 Kim Jae-hwan (no hit in 4 at-bats), all were silent.

 On the other hand, KT scored 5 points with 8 hits and 5 walks. Kang Baek-ho, number 3, went 4 at-bats, 1 hit, and 2 RBIs, 4. Park Byung-ho, 4 times, 2 hits, 1 RBI, and number 5 Jang Seong-woo, 3 at-bats, 1 hit, 1 RBI. There was a reason for the mixed joy and sorrow.

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