“My God, this is what happens…” Brother-in-law win together in Dubai Marathon

What is the probability that a family participating in an international marathon will win both men’s and women’s events at the same time?

This actually happened at the Dubai Marathon.

In the men’s event, the brother-in-law and the woman’s sister-in-law both won gold medals.

Overseas sports, reporter바카라사이트 Kim Sang-ik reports.

The Dubai International Marathon, which first started in 2000, has grown rapidly as one of the marathoners around the world wanting to participate the most.

Abdisa Tola, a 23-year-old Ethiopian, won the championship with an amazing record of 2:05:42 in the first full course she competed in.

[Abdisa Tola / Dubai Marathon Winner: Of course, I prepared hard for the marathon, but I am so happy that God helped me.] Shortly

after, Dera Dida, also an Ethiopian runner, crossed the finish line in 2 hours 21 minutes 11 seconds, winning the women’s gold medal. becomes

The male and female winners congratulated each other by hugging tightly, but it turned out that the two were not simply of the same nationality, but the female winner was the sister-in-law and the male winner was the brother-in-law.

In addition, Dida’s husband and Abdisa’s older brother, Tamirat Tola, were the marathon’s No. 1 family, having won last year’s World Championships.

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This is YTN Kim Sang-ik.

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