Namadi Joeljin breaks Korean men’s high school 100 meters record…10.36 seconds

Namadi Joeljin (17, Gimpo First High School) broke the Korean men’s high school 100-meter record by five years and two months.

Namadi Joeljin won the men’s high school 100-meter final in 10.36 seconds at the 44th National Championships of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the Mokpo General Sports Complex on Monday.

Second place went to Bae Gun-yul (Jeonnam Cheongo), who ran 10.69 seconds.

On this day, Namadi Joeljin was fighting for a record, not a place.

Leading from the start of the race, Namadi set a new Korean high school record by 0.02 seconds, beating the previous mark of 10.38 set by Shin Min-kyu at the Huse Sprint on June 3, 2018.

Namadi was born to a Korean mother and Nigerian father. Her father is a former long jumper in track and field.

Namadi’s parents got married in Nigeria, but soon settled in South Korea and were blessed with a precious son.

A child actor and TV personality, Namadi Joeljin was introduced to athletics in the fifth grade and decided early on that he wanted to “become a national athlete.”

Although she is not yet a fully fledged athlete, with a weak start, Namadi Joeljin is improving at an alarming rate.스포츠토토

Namadi’s 100-meter time improved to 11.64 in 2021 and 10.66 in 2022.

On July 16 of this year, she dropped her time to 10.44 at the Chairman’s Cup, and within a month, she improved further to set a new Korean high school record.

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