Overcoming the pain of the flag being removed… Sabalenka breaks first major championship trophy ‘Ang’

Arina Savalenka (Belarus) relieved all at once the ‘regret’ of running without a symbol indicating her country of origin in a major tournament.

Sabalenka, ranked 5th in the world, set Elena Rivakina (25th, Kazakhstan) in the final of the Australian Open tennis tournament (total prize money 76.5 million Australian dollars, approximately 66.26 billion won) held at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on the 28th. The score was 2-1 (4-6 6-3 6-4).

Sabalenka, who received 2.975 million dollars (approximately 3.67 billion won) as her winning prize, also secured her title as the Belarusian champion in 10 years. Previously, Victoria Azaranka (24th) won the event in 2013.

Sabalenka, who has continued her winning streak in 11 matches this year, including her finals, is expected to rise to number two in the world rankings to be announced next week. 메이저사이트

Sabalenka, who entered the pro in 2015 at the age of 17, is 182 cm tall and has grown tremendously with her powerful serve and forehand emanating from her broad shoulders reminiscent of a male player, 11 times in singles at the Women’s Professional Tennis (WTA) Tour. I tasted victory.

However, due to her frequent mistakes and bad luck, she was unrelated to her major tournaments. In particular, she even drank the bitter cup of elimination in the semifinals three times at Wimbledon and the US Open in 2021 and at the US Open last year.

Sabalenka, who won her first major championship, said in an interview, “Last year, there were many bad things, but I won thanks to the coaches who worked hard together. I think it’s because of you rather than me.”

Meanwhile, Rivakina, who finished runner-up, was 11th at the Australian Open, Daniel Collins (3rd round, USA), 1st place Iga Siviontech (4th round, Poland), 17th place Yelena Ostapenko (quarterfinals, Latvia), 24th Lee and two-time winner of the Australian Open, Azaranka (semi-final), and other strong players were defeated one after another to reach the final.

Rivakina’s world ranking is also expected to rise to 10th. This is the first record for a player from Kazakhstan.

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