Park Soo-jung, the new ace of Ulsan Science University, who connects the genealogy of Chu Hyo-joo and Cheon Garam, “I hope to meet my sisters in the national team” 

A player who will inherit the lineage of ‘Ace’ at Ulsan National University of Science and Technology. This is Park Soo-jung, a first-year student.메이저놀이터

Park Soo-jung is still young as a freshman at Ulsan College of Science, but she is active as a striker who is in charge of one axis of the team’s offense. On the 17th, the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Football Tournament, which was held in Hapcheon, a wellness healing luxury city, against Daedeok University, held at Hwanggang County Sports Park in Gyeongnam, was also very active in the first day of the university division. The team lost 0-1 amid the bad luck of Park Soo-jung hitting the post twice, but Park Soo-jung’s play stood out.

Founded in 1993, Ulsan University of Science is a historic team celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Lee Geum-min, Choi Yu-ri, and Chu Hyo-joo, who are currently active in the national team and are ambassadors for this Queen’s Day, all graduated from Ulsan University of Science. Garam Chun, who has emerged as a new engine for the national team, is also an alumnus. Relatively young players such as Chu Hyo-joo, born in 2000, and Chun Ga-ram, born in 2002, are stars recently produced by Ulsan National University of Science. Park Soo-jeong is the player who will inherit the genealogy of Ulsan Science University, where one national ace comes out every two years.

Kang Seong-min, head coach of Ulsan College of Science, who coached Chu Hyo-joo and Chun Ga-ram, said, “Park Soo-jung is a player with a mixed style of Hyo-joo and Garam. He is basically technically good and has speed, penetration and goal scoring ability. Not only that, but he really kicks the ball like a fox. He likes to play smartly and connect with his teammates without overdoing it. He is a player with great potential.”

Park Soo-jung of Ulsan University of Science is trying to break through the defense in the game between Ulsan University of Science and Daejeon Daedeok University in the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Football Championship held on the 17th at Hwanggang County Sports Park in Hapcheon. 2023.06.17. Hapcheon | Reporter Kang Young-jo

Park Soo-jung, whom we met after the game, said, “It’s unfortunate that I hit the goal post twice. I thought one would go in, but he didn’t go in both times and the team also lost. I’m very sorry.” He sighed.

Ulsan University of Science also lost to Korea University after a penalty shoot-out in the semifinals in the Spring League last April. I have a strong will to win this tournament. Park Soo-jung said, “I lost the first game, but I think it’s possible if I win the remaining two games. I want to win this queen flag more than any other competition. I will do my best until the end.”

Park Soo-jeong does not have much time to play at Ulsan University. Ulsan Science University is a junior college, so many players challenge the WK league stage after completing their sophomore year. At the latest, when the third year is over, he leaves the university stage. Park Soo-jung, who is already known for her skills in the women’s soccer world, is likely to leave for the WK League after two years. The reason why I chose Ulsan Science University was to go to the business stage at an early stage. Park Soo-jeong is doing better on her college stage. She has a blueprint for her to advance to the WK league and even her national team.

Park Soo-jung said, “Actually, the adult stage felt far away, but after coming to college, I feel that it is not that far away.” After that, I want to do better and go to the national team. She has a strong desire to play with her two older sisters, Chu Hyo-joo and Cheon Ga-ram. It was impossible at school, but I think it will be possible when I go to the national team. It is a dream she wants to achieve someday,” she said.

Park Soo-jung, born in 2004, still has a long way to go. He said, “I have to supplement my physical. He seems to have to work hard on weight training. His skills are still lacking. He wants to be a player who has an impact on the team. Recently, he sees a lot of Lionel Messi play in his later years. He also solves it himself, but he wants to be a player who cleverly uses his teammates.”

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