‘Perfect start for all pitchers’ Ohtani, will he make an all-time season?

Ohtani Shohei (29, LA Angels), who is considered the most powerful American League MVP, has been showing a perfect balance of both pitching and hitting from the beginning of the season.

Until the 4th (Korean time), Ohtani started one game as a pitcher and started four games as a batter. Performance on both sides is good.

First of all, as a pitcher, he started the opening game카지노사이트 against the Oakland Athletics on the 31st of last month and recorded 2 hits, 2 hits and 10 strikeouts in 6 innings.

As a hitter, he had one hit in the opening game on the 31st, two hits on the 2nd, hit his first home run on the 3rd, and fired cannons in 2 consecutive games on the 4th.

Although it is a very small sample that has not even played 5 games yet, the balance of both pitching and hitting has been maintained since the beginning of the season. This is different from his past two years.

Ohtani did very well as a hitter in early 2021, when he won the MVP, but was not very good as a pitcher. He posted a 4.94 earned run average in June.

Also last year, he showed a very good appearance as a pitcher at the beginning of the season, but as a hitter, his OPS in April was only 0.722. I found myself after May.

In other words, through the combination of pitching, the 2021 MVP award and the 2022 MVP award were achieved, but there was a mismatch at the beginning of the season.

In fact, if you look at Ohtani’s FWAR, he recorded 3.0 as a pitcher and 5.0 as a hitter in 2021 and 5.6 as a pitcher and 3.8 as a hitter in 2022.

But this season, he’s off to a fresh start on both sides of the pitch. This seems to be because he improved his condition early in preparation for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

In this case, the biggest problem is stamina. However, Ohtani is still in her 20s. In addition, Ohtani has not yet revealed a problem in the physical field even though he doubles as a pitcher.

Therefore, if Ohtani maintains this form, we can expect a double-digit FWAR. Ohtani’s best FWAR for a season was 9.4 last year.

A two-digit FWAR stands for MVP. Over the past 10 seasons, only two players have posted double-digit FWARs. Last year’s Aaron Judge and 2018’s Mookie Betts.

Also, even if the scope is expanded beyond the 2010s, only two more will be added. Mike Trout in 2012, 2013, and Buster Posey in 2012.

Attention is focusing on whether Ohtani, who is showing a fresh start on both sides of the pitch based on his peak skills, can make a perfect season.

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