Pippen criticizes Jordan again “It’s terrible to run together… Why GOAT in a team game?”

The conflict between Michael Jordan (60) and Scottie Pippen (57), the two main players of the NBA Chicago Bulls dynasty, seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

On the 26th (local time), Pippen appeared on ‘Gimme the Hot Sauce’, a podcast with former Bulls teammate Stacey King, criticizing Jordan as a “terrible player.”

According to USA Today on the 29th, Pippen made this expression while talking about the greatest player in NBA history. Pippen said he doesn’t think there can be a GOAT because basketball is a team game, and claims that Jordan was a “half” player during his three seasons with the Bulls before he joined.

“I watched Michael Jordan play before coming to the Bulls. You must have seen him play. He was a terrible player.”메이저사이트

Six-time NBA champion Pippen continued to talk about what it was like to play with Jordan.

“He was a terrible player to play with. All attacks were 1v1. He shot badly.”

Pippen said that since he joined, the team has become a “winning team” as the team has been organized and everyone has forgotten who he was. That the image has been washed.

“He was, in fact, a player in whom winning was not a priority. It was a goal.”

Pippen pointed out that the 2020 documentary “Last Dance” didn’t capture Jordan’s attitude of prioritizing scoring.

After being drafted by the Seattle Supersonics with the 5th overall pick in the 1987 draft and immediately traded to the Bulls, Jordan averaged 31.7 points, 5.6 rebounds and 5 assists per game in his first three seasons without Pippen. In the 1986–87 season, he averaged a career high of 37.1 points per game. The Bulls have made the playoffs each of these three seasons. However, it never went beyond the first round.

The day after his podcast appearance, Pippen posted on social media highlighting the impact of his NBA career.

“From humble beginnings to six championships, two (Olympic) gold medals, Hall of Fame, and most playoff victories leading the Bulls franchise. A toast to the unsung heroes. Cheers!” Pippen wrote.

Pippen holds the record for most playoff victories (123 wins) in Chicago Bulls history. Jordan was in second place with 119 wins due to a brief affair with baseball.

The two, who played together for 10 seasons for the Bulls, recently drifted apart. In particular, Pippen’s dissatisfaction soared after the airing of ‘Last Dance’.

“They glorified Michael Jordan and paid little praise for me and my proud teammates,” Pippen said in November 2021.

Recently, his ex-wife Lassa Pippen, 48, and Jordan’s second son, Marcus, 32, revealed that they were in a relationship, and their bad relationship expanded beyond the court.

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