Poetry at The Sutton Gallery- June

The latest Poetry at the Sutton Gallery event featured Emily Morgan, Mike Saunders and Jo W Lindsay. Three great poets, lots of wine and sparkling elderflower and of course a lively and attentive audience! Classic Sutton Gallery reading territory! Here are some images from the event. In the background, you will spot the Martin Hill exhibition which finishes this weekend.Jo W. Lindsay has contributed to chapbooks such as Finite Love, Hipster Tree, Sea Adventures or Pond Life, @history Tragedy please MT, Dunkeld and Everyone in It, and Poetry at the Glutton’s Celery먹튀검증. He runs the small press Sad Press with Samantha Walton and the poetry reviews zine Hix Eros with Joe Luna. Poetry strike starts soon.Emily Morgan is an Edinburgh-based poet, though she’s only just started calling herself as such. When she is not scribbling, she helps people make films.Mike Saunders moved to Edinburgh last year, and has lived there ever since. He studied philosophy, film and literature at UEA before moving to Scotland by way of India. His poems have been published in various journals including Lighthouse, Poetry Review, Dactyl and the Istanbul Review. He previously organised the archival interview series Conversations in Black and White, as well as Poetry Unbound, a project displaying poems and holding poetry readings in libraries. He currently curates the websites Indian Litter and Happy Friday.

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