“Possibility of joining Team League ↑” PBA catches Kudron and Sanchez

 The PBA is expected to become even hotter this season. Following the world stage star player Frederick Kudron (Welcome Savings Bank), Daniel Sanchez, the ‘Spanish billiards legend’, will step out.

PBA announced on the 19th that “Daniel Sanchez,스포츠토토 Korea’s 3-cushion signboard Choi Seong-won, and amateur women’s ranking No. 1 Han Ji-eun have completed the PBA-LPBA priority registration application for the 2023-24 season.” 

Dick Jaspers (Netherlands), Tobjorn Bromdal (Sweden), Frederic Kudron, and Daniel Sanchez (Spain), who are called the “four great kings” of the 3-cushion game, will be active on the Korean professional stage. Among them, Kudron has already swept the PBA stage and is active as a team league captain. 

Sanchez is a well-known ‘friendly’ player. World Ranking (now UMB (World Billiards Federation) 2nd place, winning the Billiards World Cup 16 times and reaching the top of the World Championship 4 times. It is ‘World Class’ itself. Sanchez , who completed 

the priority registration application, said, “The PBA performance of Spanish players such as David Zapata (Blue One Resort) and David Martinez (Crown Haetae) was really impressive.” I’m excited and nervous because I’m ahead, I’ll prepare hard until the season starts and show a good image.” 

Also, a PBA official who spoke to this magazine on the 19th said, “It seems that the player has recognized the possibility of PBA through continuous contact with Sanchez. It is known, I think he is probably a player with a high possibility of joining the team league.” 

In addition, Choi Seong-won (#1 in the World 3-Cushion Championships, 1st in the World Team 3-Cushion Championships, and 1st in the UMB World Ranking), a leading Korean 3-cushion player, will also join the PBA and show off a great game on the professional billiards stage.

Starting with winning the 3-Cushion World Cup in 2012, he won the world championship champion in 2014. Kim Jae-geun (Crown Haitai) in 2017 and Gang Dong-gung in 2018 won the World Team Championship together and won two consecutive victories. 

Choi Seong-won said, “I’m really happy to finally enter the professional stage,” and expressed her aspirations, “I’ve been a billiards player for over 20 years, and I want to show my brightest side on the professional stage.” 

A welcome visitor came to the LPBA with a small pool. Han Ji-eun, who currently ranks first in the amateur women’s 3-cushion ranking, enters the professional billiards stage. Han Ji-eun, who dropped out of high school aiming for the best in the world and went all-in on her billiards, defeated Teresa Krompenhauer (Netherlands), the world’s strongest ‘Iron Lady’, at the Verhoeven Open in 2019. showed prominence. She also showed off her skills by winning three national championships in her last year alone. 

Han Ji-eun said, “The LPBA is as competitive as the best players gather, and I am excited to be able to compete together and test my true skills.” said. 

Meanwhile, the PBA is implementing a priority registration system for 3-cushion players around the world to recruit excellent players every season. The priority registration system is a system in which the PBA Game Steering Committee comprehensively evaluates applicants for winning domestic and international competitions and performance, and grants successful players the qualification to register as PBA-LPBA 1st Division Tour players for the corresponding season. The deadline for early registration for the next season is the 20th.

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