Qatar’s richest man to take over Man Utd promises to invest 1.335 trillion won

The two-way battle between Qatar and the British billionaires over the takeover of Manchester United is hot. Batting is also getting bolder.

The British media’Mirror스포츠토토‘ reported on the 3rd (Korean time) that “Qatar’s richest Sheikh Jasim bin Hamada Al Thani has promised to invest 800 million pounds (about 1.335 trillion won) in the club’s infrastructure and facilities. It is a better condition than other competitive bids.”

The Glazer family, who currently own Manchester United, put the club on the market. Since then, Qatari capital led by Sir Ratflief and Sheikh Jassim, who owns Ineos, a British petrochemical conglomerate, has been actively stepping up.

It’s been 10 years since winning the league, but for a long time, the world has been fighting fiercely for the acquisition of Man United, which is highly valued.

Moreover, improving the facilities is as much a desire of Manchester United fans as it is to reinforce the squad. In particular, Manchester United’s home stadium, Old Trafford, is receiving complaints from fans due to roof leaks, poor toilet facilities, and rats in the stadium. Sheikh Jassim is well aware of this, so he tries to shake his heart with an investment in facility improvement.

Attention is focusing on how Sheikh Jassim’s winning streak will affect Manchester United’s takeover.

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