Richarlison cheers for his team in ’70 years of relegation crisis’… “Fighting every game!”

Richarli Song cheered for Everton, his ‘parent team’.

Everton is a team with thick bones in the English Premier League (EPL). Although not outstanding, he consistently showed good performance and was recognized as a threat to the top clubs every season. Steady performance proves this with 7th place in the 2011-12 season, 6th place in the 2012-13 season, and 5th place in the 2013-14 season.

It is also the backbone of the EPL.온라인카지노Everton have survived 70 consecutive seasons in the top division and only Arsenal have remained in the top division for more years in a row than they have. In the all-time points ranking, it is ranked third, ahead of Manchester United and Chelsea. In the process, he won many trophies, including 9 league championships, 5 English FA Cup championships, and 1 UEFA Cup Winners Cup championship.

But last season we went through a big crisis. Throughout the season, they struggled in the bottom ranks and were driven to the brink of relegation. Fortunately, they got out of the relegation zone by winning points in the second half and managed to remain in 16th place (39 points) in the final standings.

I went through a big crisis, but there was no lesson. Everton’s situation this season has become even more bleak. During the summer transfer market, there was no change in the history of being in the ‘relegation zone’ because of not being properly reinforced with the money sold for ‘Ace’ Richarlison.

The chances of relegation are higher than last season. Currently, Everton is 19th in the league with 29 points (6 wins, 11 draws and 17 losses). With four games to go until the end of the league, there is hardly any sign of a rebound. The difference with Leeds United, the ‘remaining right’, is one point, but it is unclear whether it can be reversed.

They also recorded a 2-2 draw against Leicester City, which was a guillotine match with a stake in remaining. In the 15th minute of the first half, Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s goal took the lead, but Chalar Søwinjwi and Jamie Vardy conceded goals and faced the risk of defeat. Fortunately, Alex Iwobi scored an equalizer in the second half to earn a point.

Still a long way to go. But the Everton players did not give up. According to the British media ‘Tribal Football’, Iwobi expressed his aspirations on his SNS after the match against Leicester, saying, “I made mistakes, but I was able to endure because of the fans. Thank you for the love you send me. We will move forward again.”

Richarli Song also showed affection for the ‘family team’. He left a message of support on Iwobi’s social media, saying, “Fighting every game! Keep moving forward.”

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