‘Role Model and a Day’ Whimoongo Lee Je-won “I was nervous”

 Meet the player who has been idolized since childhood.

On the 20th, the Sangmu Basketball Team of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps visited the Whimoon Middle School Gymnasium and held the 6th day of the ‘Elite Used Basketball Talent Donation Program’. This talent donation is hosted and supervised by the Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation and the Sangmu Basketball Team of the Armed Forces Sports Corps.

Talent donation메이저놀이터 to Whimoon Middle School started on the morning of the weekend. The young players came to the gym early, washed their coats, warmed up, and waited for an exciting meeting. Whimoon High School Lee Je-won also visited the gym to greet his younger siblings and the Sangmu basketball team.

After the talent donation, Lee Je-won (F, 196cm) said, “Sangmu players come to school and learn a lot.”

The talent donation program prepared by Sangmu, such as dribbling and breakthrough, was enough to draw the interest of elite players. In particular, the Sangmu players told us what they experienced and felt in the professional world and caught even the smallest movements of the elite players.

Lee Je-won said, “I was able to feel it because I was learning while directly bumping into the body with active professional players. I liked it the most.”

In this talent donation, you can learn the skills and know-how of professional players in a short time, but there was something more important for young players who dream of becoming pros. It means being able to see and meet role models up close.

Lee Je-won, who started playing basketball and made Song Gyo-chang his role model, said, “I wanted to see Song Gyo-chang the most. I was nervous. What I learned from Song Gyo-chang was fun and impressive. I want to make good grades by working harder. I also want to meet the hyungs again in the pro.” 

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