“Sim Joon-seok, another level, if you do it like you did in the first year, you will do well in the U.S.” Moon Dong-ju also cheered

 One-year senior Moon Dong-ju (20, Hanwha) is also rooting for Shim Jun-seok (19), a “super high school level pitcher” who is taking on the challenge of the US major league. 

Shim Jun-seok, who decided to go to the United States by giving up his KBO rookie draft application in August of last year, signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Although the known down payment was lower than expected at $750,000, Pittsburgh international scouting director Junior Vizcaino expected Sim Jun-seok’s potential, saying, “I play baseball with the ability given by God.” 

On the 16th, after Shim Jun-seok’s Pittsburgh contract was announced, Moon Dong-ju, a close one-year senior, also contacted him to congratulate him. Shim Jun-seok is from Deoksu High School and Moon Dong-ju is from Jinheung High School. 

Moon Dong-joo said, “I called to congratulate him, but Jun-seok was working out. I also had a schedule full of exercise, but Junseok was working out so hard that he couldn’t even speak properly. He’s a different kid,” he laughed. 

Next, Moon Dong-joo said, “I heard that Jun-seok threw so well since his first year of high school that he was the biggest fish. He is a different case from me when he was noticed in the 3rd grade. “Another level,” he said. “Even if you go to America, if you show your freshman year, there will be good results. If you adapt, you will do well.” 

Unlike Moon Dong-ju, who grew up rapidly in his third year of Jinheung High School and emerged as the biggest pitcher in high school, Shim Jun-seok received attention as a big prospect from his freshman year at Deoksu High School. He surprised everyone by spraying a maximum of 153 km on a huge body of 194 cm and 103 kg.  스포츠토토

In the first year of 2020, Shim Jun-seok played an active part in 8 high school baseball games with an average ERA of 1.42, 4 wins and 1 loss. In 19 innings pitched, he struck out 32 while giving up 11 walks (9 walks, 2 walks). He showed a performance that was unbelievable for a 16-year-old pitcher with a 150 km speed ball and a big drop curve. 

However, he underperformed in his sophomore and junior year, suffering from elbow, back, and toe injuries. In particular, in 12 games last year when he was in the senior year of his senior year, he recorded 2 wins and 2 losses with an average ERA of 5.14. In 20⅔ innings, he struck out 40, but with 34 pitches (22 walks, 12 pitches), his pitches fluctuated greatly, raising concerns. 

However, he was recognized for his fastball with the highest speed of 157 km, and was scouted by Pittsburgh, who did not forget his appearance in the first grade. It is a direct trip to the US where the probability of failure is higher than success, but Shim Jun-seok decided to take on the challenge with a risk.

Shim Jun-seok, who left for the United States on the 24th, said, “The Pittsburgh club told me in detail how I should grow in the future. I was impressed by the feeling that the club system and training method are good, and that they take care of me a lot.” I have the confidence to do well, and I have the confidence to go up (the major leagues). That’s why I’m taking on a challenge, so I hope you look at it with a warm heart rather than a stinging gaze.” 

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