“Son Heung-min-Kane can be perfectly covered”…the reason why Tottenham recruited Danzuma

The signing of Arnaut Danjuma is likely to be a plus factor for Tottenham Hotspur’s attacking line.

Tottenham brought Danzuma in the winter transfer market. Danjuma grew up at the PSV Eindhoven Academy. He later played for NEC Nijmegen, Club Brugge and also experienced the English stage while playing for Bournemouth. He challenged the Spanish La Liga when he joined Villarreal. Danjuma played an active role in Villarreal’s attack, going from the side and center, and led Villarreal’s European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League메이저놀이터 (UCL) blast last season.

After coach Unai Emery, who wrote himself well, went to Aston Villa, he decided to transfer as his playing time decreased. Everton was close. Everton, who have been degraded to relegation candidates, tried to recruit Danjuma to support manager Sean Daichi, who came in place of manager Frank Lampard, who was sacked. The transfer was very close, but Tottenham hijacked it.

There are many good strikers such as Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, but Tottenham needed reinforcements. Dejan Kulusevski, Richarlison, and Lucas Moura suffered frequent injuries, and Son Heung-min’s form was not perfect, so he relied heavily on Kane. In the midst of a tight schedule, there was a gap in several areas of the attack, and strikers were requested, and Danjuma was brought.

How will Danzuma help Tottenham’s attack? Tottenham fan community ‘Spurs Web’ said on the 2nd (Korean time), “Tanzuma mainly plays as a left winger, but he can also play as a center forward, and in case of emergency, he has the ability to play as a false nine. Heung-min Son and Kane can be covered. that is,” he said. He added, “Danjuma is rented once. There was little financial damage. The amount for a complete transfer is 30 million euros (approximately 40.5 billion won), so it is reasonable.”

Danjuma, who came to Tottenham, scored as a substitute in the English FA Cup against Preston. It was his debut goal on his debut. ‘Spurs Webb’ said, “Tottenham fans paid attention to Danzuma’s goal, but they focused more on the speed and attitude of the game. He evaluated Danzuma, who made his debut.

He continued, “Even before his Tottenham debut, he left his intensity. Dan Zuma, who has shown that he is a competitive option even before his debut, is expected to be a great help to Tottenham’s attack in the second half.

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