‘Spellman explodes, Byun Jun-hyung is over’ KGC Ginseng Corporation, Jefferson exploded KCC after a struggle and win again

KGC continued their winning streak. 

Thanks to the 2022-23 SKT A. Pro Basketball Omari Spellman Showtime held at the Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 31st, Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won Jeonju KCC 83-81 after a close battle with Honde Hollis Jefferson. 

As a result of the day, KGC recorded 2 wins in a row and 25 wins and 11 losses, maintaining its first place, while KCC suffered 5 consecutive losses and 20 losses (17 wins), dropping one notch to 6th place tied with Wonju DB. 

As a result of the day, KCC recorded 17 wins and 19 losses and maintained 6th place, and KGC suffered 12 losses (24 wins), but maintained 1st place.

KCC succeeded in escaping the losing streak.

In the 2022-23 SKT A. Pro Basketball held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 31st, Jeonju KCC succeeded in escaping from 4 consecutive losses by winning Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, 00-00, thanks to Ronde Hollis Jefferson Showtime. did.

As a result of the day, KCC recorded 17 wins and 19 losses and maintained 6th place, and KGC suffered 12 losses (24 wins), but maintained 1st place.

1st Quarter, KGC 30-14 KCC: Explosive 3-point shot KGC, occupying the 30-point high

KCC started with Park Kyung-sang, Heo Woong, Jung Chang-young, Kim Sang-gyu, and Ra Gun-ah, and KGC started with Byun Jun-hyung, Bae Byung-jun, Moon Seong-gon, Oh Se-geun, and Spellman. He was named in the starting lineup.

KGC got off to a fresh start with Spellman scoring 7-0. As 2 minutes passed, KCC counterattacked. Jeong Chang-young and Kim Sang-gyu made 3-point shots, and Heo Ung’s breakthrough also led to a goal, narrowing the score to 8-12.

As the 5th minute approached, KCC made a one-possession game with a two-man game between Heoung and Laguna. KGC immediately took a 5-point lead back to 15-10 with a Spellman 3-point lead.

Over the middle, KGC took a 21-10 lead with Bae Byung-Jun and Byun Jun-Hyung 3 consecutive points. KCC’s three attacks failed and they were unable to continue the chase.

KGC kept running away. Oh Se-geun’s 3-point shot was added, and through successful defensive development, he blocked the run and led 26-11. KCC tried to cut off the flow due to operation time, but it was not possible.

KGC stepped on the 30-point high. 16 seconds before the end, he completed the score with a Spellman footback.

2nd Quarter, KGC 45-43 KCC: Jefferson’s explosive power, KCC making a one-possession game In a

somewhat distracted atmosphere, KCC seemed to be narrowing the score gap with Kim Ji-wan’s 3-point shot. KGC wasn’t even watching. He responded by breaking through Sung-gon Moon and maintained a double-digit lead.

As the 3 minutes passed, KCC started chasing again. He blocked conceding points with a high concentration on person-to-person defense, and narrowed it down to 25-37 with Heoung’s free throw and Jefferson jumper. As the 5th minute approached, KGC took the action time.

Moon Seong-gon scored 3 points, and KGC seemed to be breathing. KCC did not miss the pursuit flow. Jefferson reduced the score difference by changing the 3-point play to 4 points, and made a 31-40, 9-point chase through successive breakthroughs.

Afterwards, the two teams exchanged scores with the foreign player as the keyword. For KGC, Spellman and KCC, Jefferson continued to score. KGC continued to lead by 9-11 points.

With two minutes left before the end, KCC narrowed the gap to 40-45, 5 points with a quick attack by Chang-Young Jeong and free throws by La Gun-Ah, and then added a 3-point play by Jun-Beom Jeon to create a one-possession game. KGC took the operation time with one minute left. KGC had to be satisfied with a two-point lead. KCC passed the 10th minute that revived the fire of a close match.  

3rd Quarter, KCC 61-58 KGC: Jefferson’s ‘Show Time’, which turned the ball around, KGC took the lead,

and KCC did not miss the chase with Kim Ji-Wan 3 points. After that, both teams stopped attacking for a while, and when 1 minute and 40 seconds passed, KCC succeeded in turning the game around 48-47 with a shot by Chang-Young Jeong. KGC immediately responded with Bae Byeong-jun’s jumper, and KCC also did not miss the upward trend with Jeong Chang-young’s goal.

Since then, both teams have been unable to complete their attacks. There were shot misses and turnovers, and no goals were scored for 2 minutes. As the 4th minute approached, KCC took a 52-49, 3-point lead with Jefferson’s free throw. KGC took the operation time.

Oh Se-geun’s free throw and Moon Seong-gon’s fast break were converted into goals. The score was tied 52-52, and KCC took the operation time.

KGC took the lead with Spellman 3 points, and KCC 토토사이트 succeeded in reversing right away with Jefferson’s consecutive jumpers. Spellman wasn’t watching. 3 stores reopened. KCC responded with Jefferson again. He hit the jumper to tie the score at 58-58.

KCC was ahead by 3 points. After two minutes of conceding, they took the lead with Chung Chang-young’s footback and Jefferson’s free throw.

4th Quarter, KGC 83-81 KCC : 2 consecutive wins KGC, ‘It’s a pity that we got it all’ KCC 

KCC took a 5-point lead with Heo Woong’s cut-in. It was the largest lead since the start of the game. KGC immediately responded with a Han Seung-hee jumper, followed by a spellman dunk 62-63 to the bottom of the chin. KCC ran away one step through Heoung breakthrough.

Afterwards, the two teams exchanged points in a tense atmosphere, and KGC turned the score around 69-67 with a spellman jumper followed by a floater by Junhyung Byun. Jefferson hit an incredible 3-pointer. It was the moment when the flow turned back to KCC.

Even after 5 minutes, the balance was not broken. Both teams exchanged goals intermittently. In KCC, Jefferson continued to score, and KGC continued to score alternately. Jefferson and Spellman continued to exchange points, and Heo Woong activated a 3-pointer with about a minute left.

KCC led 81-77, 4 points with 1 minute and 20 seconds left. KGC moved the bench. took action time. It was the moment when a strategy was needed to score.

KGC showed off their ability to win first place. Bae Byeong-joon’s 3-point shot and Byun Jun-hyeong’s free throw followed by a break through were converted into points and made 6 points in an instant. The reverse was successful. KCC failed to score an extra point. KGC succeeded in winning 2 in a row. KCC failed to escape the losing streak, facing the regret of missing the game they had been trying to catch. 

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