SSG Minjun Choi “Korean series? I sharpened my knife on the bench”

SSG Landers Choi Min-joon had a lot of experience last year. The experience, which no one else can do, has definitely become a great asset, but it is also true that there are regrets left behind. This year, Choi Min-joon wants to erase small regrets and go up a notch. 

Before the start of the 2022 season, Choi Min-joon’s goal, which he had without telling anyone, was full-time and an ERA below 4 points. As a result, Choi Min-jun completed 51 matches and 68⅓ innings, recording 5 wins (4 losses), 5 holds, and an average ERA of 3.95 to achieve his goal.

Choi Min-joon laughed, “The average ERA was 3.72 until the last game, but in the last game I started and gave 3 runs only in the first inning and exceeded 4 runs. Fortunately, I was able to make it to the 3-point range again because he allowed me to throw 2 more innings.” 헤라카지노

However, despite achieving his expected numbers, he did not give himself generous marks. He said, “I think I’ve done my part, but there were a lot of regrets,” he said. I saw.

In particular, the Korean series brought many things to Choi Min-joon. Min-Jun Choi was included in the Korean Series entry, but he did not get a chance to start during his six games. Choi Min-joon humbly accepted his position, but did not take comfort in saying that it was his team’s situation.

Choi Min-joon said, “I was happy when I entered the entry, but as each game passed, I got poisonous. The game was fun and exciting, but I think I sharpened my knife on the bench.” I prepared well, so I thought, ‘I have to stand on that stage too’ and ‘I have to become a player who can stand there’.”

He said, “I’ve been in the first team for about two years, but I’m still cold-heartedly judging that I’m not a player that anyone can trust and feel comfortable with when I’m up. So I thought I should refine my pitching and control more.” .

Choi Min-joon, who says, “The Korean series has been a great motivator,” adds, “I always smile and look bright, but I’m not as gentle as I am. I’m greedy.” Choi Min-joon, who revealed his goal half-jokingly and half-seriously in one program, “I will make the bullpen stop working without me,” laughed and said, “It’s one of my ambitions.”

Minjun Choi evaluates himself objectively, and he is a player who knows how to calmly point out what he can do. He said, “I don’t think the role of Pil Seung-jo will come back easily because there are seniors with more experience than me.

“Because I want to go to Pilseungjo, I wonder if I should prepare for the camp while thinking about supplementing the control of the breaking ball, which I was disappointed with last year.

◆ Question to Rabbit players

Q. This year is my year! Which two rabbits do you want to catch this season?

“Full-time and 20 holds. I thought that if I had 20 holds, it would be a year of further growth than now, so I set that goal.”

Q. Kyoto Three Caves (狡兎三窟), the clever rabbit digs three burrows. My three keywords this season.

“Restriction, command, and body management. It wasn’t like I couldn’t take care of my body last year, but I think I’ll be able to do a little better because I’ve come up with some tips. I can’t always be in the best condition, but I think it’s important to manage it close to the best condition.”

Q. 12 years from the next year of the rabbit, what do I want to be like?

“Originally, I didn’t have a role model, but after being discharged, I got a role model. It’s senior Moon Seung-won. Because Seung-won hyung will do better, I want that kind of Seung-won to surpass my hyung in 12 years. In terms of records and location, it’s 12 years from now that he surpasses my role model. I want it to be me.”

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