Sunmoon University wins the Battle of Hansan with ‘Choi Jae-Young-sik Build-up’ football inherited from Iksu Ball!

Whew~.’ Choi Jae-young, head coach of Sunmoon University, who won the first college soccer tournament in 2023, let out a sigh of relief rather than a roar of joy.

According to coach Choi, Sunmoon University trained in Jinju because it snowed a lot in Asan. Many of the key players were injured, and striker Lee Dong-won, who was a top scorer, left Sun Moon University as a rookie this year to join K-League 1 Daejeon Hana Citizen. Since the 19th 1st and 2nd grade college soccer tournament held in Tongyeong from January 5th to 18th in Tongyeong, the promised land, was a tournament for juniors and sophomores, many newcomers who had not coordinated their hands and feet joined in large numbers to maximize organizational power. It wasn’t easy.

Coach Choi overcame bad news with ‘Choi Jae-young’s build-up soccer’ and solid defense. Sunmoon University advanced to the round of 16 with 1st place in Group 6, winning all three matches in the preliminary league, and defeated Daeshin University, Daegu University of the Arts, and Ajou University in turn to advance to the final. In July of last year, Sunmoon University, who had won the championship for 16 years through the Taebaeksangi 1st and 2nd year competition, won 1-0 in the final against Calvin University led by coach Kim Sang-ho, a former professional leader, and won the gold medal again in half a year. Sunmoon University has conceded only 2 runs in 7 games.

Calvindae, who met in the finals held at Sanyang Sports Park Stadium 3, was not easy. He had to wait 60 minutes after the start of the game before Sunmoondae scored the only goal. Coach Choi replaced the players who were substituted twice in the second half. The game didn’t work out that much. Director Choi’s throat was resting before he knew it. Coach Choi said, “There were many injured. The performance itself was not good.”

The long-awaited goal came in the 15th minute of the second half. Lee Eun-pyo received a pass from Kim Jeong-gyeong from the middle of the penalty box and shook the net with a left-footed shot that pierced the upper left corner of the goal. Lee Eun-pyo, who scored a goal to help the team win the last Taebaeksangi, shone in the final this time as well. Director Choi said, “When I think of (Lee) Eun-pyo, my heart hurts. In fact, Eun-pyo’s maternal grandmother passed away recently. The funeral was yesterday (17th). I had to go, but Eun-pyo’s father told me to stay with the team. I was worried about joining this time, but he showed such a good image.”

Coach Choi gave instructions to the players wearing his trademark green hat. Coach Choi revealed the secret of the green hat after winning. He confessed that the hats worn in every competition are not actually the same hats. He said he had bought several and put the hats he wore on display when he won. This is a jinx only for Director Choi. 바카라사이트

In November 2021, Choi took over the leadership of Sun Moon University as the successor to Ahn Ik-soo, who left for FC Seoul. Last year, the first season of his debut, he announced a splendid start by winning the Taebaek Mountain Flag. He finished runner-up in the Fall Season of Taebaek Mountain and placed third in the Spring Season of the Great Battle of Hansan. He enjoyed the best moment of his leadership career by winning the 2022 Best Director Award jointly with Jeonju University coach Jeong Jin-hyuk.

Coach Choi achieved results with soccer that inherited the “Iksuball” of his senior coach Ahn. Coach Choi said, “I put my color on the build-up made by coach Ahn. The football I want is the promised build work. I want a compact defense and good performance (results are also results). I am still lacking.”

Sun Moon University swept the individual awards. Coach Choi and coach Lim Seong-hyeon won the Best Leader Award, Jeong Heon-taek the Best Player Award, and Jung Sung-woo, Kim Dong-hwa, and Kim Ha-min won the Defensive Award and GK Award, respectively. Sun Moon University also won the Fair Play Award. There is no scoring award as there is a tie for 3 or more players.

Coach Choi said there are more important things than winning. It is to increase the number of cases like Lee Dong-won. Coach Choi said that players are “a process to become pros.” He emphasized that he hopes this competition will be a nutrient for growth for the players.

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