T1 once again proved its performance, one set left before the winner

T1 showed good performance once again and was close to winning.

On the 25th, T1 won in the 3rd set of the 2nd round of the playoffs of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’ held at Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, leaving one step behind to advance to the winners match.

Like the 1-1 set score, the two teams , 메이저놀이터,exchanged kills from the beginning of the 3rd set, showing a tense appearance. However, contrary to the previous set, T1 took control of the match by additionally capturing Gein and Curz from the top. In T1, the owner got an additional kill and made a clear gap, then caught Gein, who was active in the last set, and broke the top balance.

In the bottom, T1 attacked and caught Lehenz trying to return. Riding the flow, T1 caught the second dragon and then killed it again, and the match quickly tilted. Driven into a crisis, kt managed to capture Zeus’ Xante, but it was not easy to overturn the already slanted game.

T1, who took the first Baron stably with Zeus’s fishing play in the 23rd minute, grabbed Vididi’s Veigar and destroyed the opponent’s mid-mid suppressor, and immediately after the Baron power play ended, they went on a dragon hunt and succeeded in obtaining a soul. T1, who turned the nose to the tower and destroyed one more suppressor, won the third set by recording an ace to kt, who advanced to stop Baron.

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